• All week we have viewed the media from the Club/players saying how important it is that we make the 4.  So why, would you not play your best available squad to ensure that?  Certainly not consistent with the need to be top 4.  Anyway, he obviously has faith in Taka and Alvaro.  Perhaps RCG has been carrying a niggling injury and this explains why his form has dropped a little in comparison to the seasons start?  Will be interesting to see Alvaro in particular after his stint at the Warriors.

        • This explains the mind boggling decision to not contest the Paulo charge from last week. 

  • Why didn't he rest RCG last week against the last placed team? He's lost the plot.

    • That would certainly seem to be the smarter move IMO.

    • Because he chose last week to give Paulo a rest/limited minutes. Do you honestly have to be a deadset sook about everything BA does. 

      • Can you stop sucking BA's knob? Since when is it a crime to ask a fucking question? You're a dcikhead.

        • No, YOU are a dickhead.

          Now fark off back in the cupboard where you belong and can talk knob sucking crap with your pals all you like.

  • I don't think it will weaken us. If the sharks win expect more changes

  • Smart play to rest RCG he needs a rest. I'd say Field is injury? If not perhaps it's an indication that Taka might be an option in the semi.  I know sterlo was keen for Taka to play 6 with Brown out and I agree. Big body plenty of experience 

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