Field out tomorrow & RCG rested.

As the title says 2 changes for tomorrow nights game. Jai Field is out with Takairangi to play 5/8, RCG gets a rest, Daniel Alvaro starts in the front row. 

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  • Taka at number 6?? Alvaro to start?? Tigers have just increased their chances of winning. If Raiders win and Eels lose that could possibly see Eels slip out of the 4. Dumb changes if it means dropping out of the 4. Cant figure some of Brad Arthurs decisions.

    • We must have a LOT of faith that Cronulla will get the job done against Canberra. 

    • We should not be in the finals if we can beat the Tigers.

  • If raiders win a home semi vs sharks isn't the worst outcome I won't be surprised to see another change before kick off with Dunster brought in 

    • I've gotta disagree. If there's one thing I know about our team, it's that they lose when they are expected to win. Also keep in mind the last time we played Cronulla we were lucky their goal kicker forgot his kicking boots. Strangely I'd prefer to play Penrith. The players will be up for it.

  • If we win, it will be considered a smart move.  If we lose, BA, needs to be shot!  Harsh........maybe just a little.

    • I'm not a BA critic. But win or loose I don't like it, tigers will be up for this one. I know sharks are expected to win against raiders but I wouldn't be risking the effort of the whole season in order to rest 2 players.

      • I dare say field isn't being rested. He's played 3 games. 

        • Theh why are we going with the biggest bludger in history.

      • All week we have viewed the media from the Club/players saying how important it is that we make the 4.  So why, would you not play your best available squad to ensure that?  Certainly not consistent with the need to be top 4.  Anyway, he obviously has faith in Taka and Alvaro.  Perhaps RCG has been carrying a niggling injury and this explains why his form has dropped a little in comparison to the seasons start?  Will be interesting to see Alvaro in particular after his stint at the Warriors.

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