• Guthos isnt one.....

    Moses either....

    Or Jnr....

    Thats leaves the rest.

  • The money that Penrith were contributing drops off which is why the option is in RCGs favour for '23. There is also an option in Parra's favour if RCG takes up the option for '23. This is why RCG is not taking up the option. RCG is happy at Parra but is likely to get more money if he renegotiates 

  • What a load of crap...............

    I could make something up right now and Bang !!!!!!! @ A rumour is born.    Some people seriously need to find a rewarding life instead of attacking our club and coaches non stop... Its tedious and getting damn boring.


    • Can you start on about Michell (cock)roach? Not sure where you'd start, pretty much any normal sledge would probably be true for she/her/them/it in real life anyway.....

  • was on Sky Sports Radio..... must be true then LOL

  • Is it true or did you hear about it on Sky Sports Radio?

  • If it was on radio this morning every RL journo would have been on phone to their sources to confirm why they weren't told.  If any 1 got it confirmed it would have been printed elsewhere but fact that no one has written official story confirms it's bullshit.

    Rothfield will add it to his shoosh column hoping it gains traction, then next year when a player doesn't get resigned due to inflated price, the manager will blame BA and there will be massive bragging parties referring back to these stories 6 months later as if they knew something.

  • Poor little babies, not happy. Give them a dummy to suck on with their huge salaries. Maybe they should all go live in Calcutta, or Ethiopia where kids have no food and work all day in the sun.

  • Nonsense. Anyway any management team who lets the players run the club is stuffed, look at the Wests Tigers.

  • I heard Clarke make the comment, it wasn’t even the context of the discussion. They were discussing Brisbane’s interest in Mahoney for the 2023 season. It was like he had a sudden memory recall and dead set dumped the biggest load of unsubstantiated crap; it was like he was making it up on the run.

    I’m not happy about the length of BA’s contract, I do agree that at least a one-year extension would have sufficed. But a few things about Clarke are clear, he hates Parra, he’s a diehard Tigers supported who holds a grudge because Moses left a club run by lunatics and has now established himself as a quality half.

     I recall the preview of the Parra Panthers final, he tipped Moses to be on the front page of the papers after an epic failure. Sure, we lost that game, but Moses more than stood up in that game. He was asked a simple question, who wins and why, he chose to single out Moses and virtually death rode him.

    I have no time for Clarke or his Rugby League opinions, I have more connections in league than he does, and I only know the doorman at the club. I’ll go further and question how a bloke who dribbles absolute crap for most of the show has a job, even if it is on a low budget amateur hour show.

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