Feeling Sorry for Broncs

The refereeing in this game has been the most one sided I have seen all year. Putrid. 6-1 penalties, 4 Broncs on report etc etc. 

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      • No I'm not saying that Fong. I'm saying that since the fiasco in the game last weekend between the Eels vs Roosters there was a huge stinkup because Dylan Brown wasn't either sent off or sin binned because of his knees in the back of the Roosters player that ended up with broken ribs and also the high shot on Tedesco from Niukore. Now what do we find now? The NRL are now going to sin bin any offender using high shots or dangerous tackles. How many sin bins so far in 2 rounds this weekend? 8. That's a record and do you think the Eels will get let off? I seriously doubt it. It wouldn't surprise me if they get some heavy decisions made by the referee (who is not their most friendliest referee) against the Warriors today. I could be wrong but it wouldn't surprise me.

        • Monto, maybe that's why BA does not have BOTH NBrown and Hipgrave in the 17 this week?!

        • Monto, are you too scared to answer Fong honestly? Because you are a massive conspiracy theorist if ever there was one. The refs are against us, the NRL have got it in for us, the MRC and the judiciary always treat us worse than other teams. If there's a conspiracy theory on the agenda you're all over it, giving it air even if there's nothing in it.

          You remind me of Lippy The Lion's offsider, Hardy Har Har.

          • Well, and of course Alan, you know everything and know all the ref's, bunker ref's, the NRL and its officials, the betting agencies, the judiciary why Alan, how could I make a simple mistake forgetting that your in everyone's mind and know everything that's going on in Rugby League. Why, didn't I remember? Next time before I comment I should check with you first.  As you appear to know my thoughts maybe you could speak for Fong on my behalf as you know it all and tell him the truth.

            • You are the one who often states unequivocally that the referees and the Bunker have some kind of agenda to influence the results of games. In a reply to Rider today you said that they make decisions that they want to be seen as incompetent so they can disguise their biased intent. 

              I've never actually known you to offer any kind of definitive evidence to support your claims. Do you have any, have you ever had any?

              I don't know any referees, no MRC or judiciary members nor any NRL officials or staff. You are simply making statements about systematic corruption that sounds extremely  unlikely to me. 

              Perhaps I'm mistaken but I thought this was a forum for offering opinions. You have offered your opinion and I am disagreeing with you.

              • Yes, of course this is a forum to offer opinions and its quite clear you disagree with my opinions as I do with you. Why is that you consider the NRL is free of any form of corruption in whatever degree that might be? Its quite evident that 'corruption' taints just about every facet of society so why would you even remotely conceive that the NRL is not in some ways tainted? Can you offer any clear and concise evidence that the NRL ( as much as we all love and enjoy the sport and continually support our team) is not tainted with some form of corruption to whatever degree that might be? I'm I the 'lone ranger' on this forum and the only rugby league fan that thinks not all is right within the NRL and that there's decisions within the 'refereeing' of games whether directly 'on field' or 'bunker' decisions that are just so blatantly wrong that its impacted either current or future games and players directly and that the judiciary is not all transparent and fair in there decisions? and these decisions have in some way affected results. I would find it very odd if I am. However, you appear to indicate by your comments that I am.

                • Of course I'm aware that there is corruption in many walks of life and that the level of corruption varies. Even though I know the NRL would prefer things to always go their way I don't think there is a conscious or systematic conspiracy in the governing body to rig the results of matches.

                  I also do not believe there is widespread cheating by referees, MRC or the judiciary. If I found out there was I would stop following the game and the team I've loved and followed for 55 years.

                  I would describe myself as a cynical person but maybe I have a blind spot when it comes to rugby league. During games I bag the shit out of the refs and the Bunker, the majority of which Parramatta aren't involved in because I watch most NRL matches every week. I also think the only thing consistent thing about the MRC and the judiciary is the inconsistency in the decisions they make. I don't know why that is so but I don't think it is because they specifically favour or punish individual teams.   

                  I don't think Marata should have been sin binned but I was expecting that Dylan Brown would be. The referee and the bunker both decided not to sin bin either of them. Was that because they were incompetent, had they backed Parramatta, did they have instructions to let Parra off easy or was there some other nefarious reason? They both declined to contest their 2 and 3 week penalties, neither of which were unrealistically excessive. I don't think Niukore was deliberately trying to smash Tedesco who was falling into him from Junior's tackle on him but that is how they are dealing with contact to the head theses days. I don't know why Brown couldn't have approached the Roosters 5/8 in a different manner. He was never going to prevent him from scoring so unless you think he was think Dylan wanted to hurt him it must have been a bad error of judgement on his part. I know that if that had happened to a Parramatta player most of us would have expected the offender to be sin binned.

                  And no you're not the only one who says these things on this site but I find you to be the one most likely to react in that way. In my opinion it's really tedious and boring so you are entitled to voice your opinion about me as often as you like. I'll just skip reading any comments you make in the future, a decision  I wish I had made a while ago.




  • No sympathy for Broncos. None.

    But sympathy for teams reduced to 11. Moanly scored 18 or 12 points against 11 players? It's probably unpopular but I don't blame the refs for the NRL turning into soccer over the weekend (11 players per side). 
    Last year V'Landys showed he was prepared to pull the Big Corporate vs Worker trick of threatening the livelihood of refs. This year the refs are just rolling over and doing his dirty work. It's massively over-reactive, with a haphazard distinction between incidental and accidental and reckless and deliberate head contact. Teams will adjust to sin bins for ruck Infringements but it's already been shown the speed of the game is generating more fatigue and that is going to drive accidental head contact. Reduce head contact, yes, but PVL is doing it without any thought aside from making himself the centre of the story. 

  • I got told last week that Nico Hynes and Josh Hodgson are priority targets for the Broncos next season. Hodgson very unhappy at Canberra. I notice Hodgson has been benched for today's game against the bulldogs - coincidence much? 

    The Broncos fortunes will turn around next season with Reynolds and Hodgson.

  • Not all 8 sin bins were for foul play. 2 or 3 were for repeated infringements which last week would have been six agains which I applaud and at least one professional foul. When the six agains were introduced they were supposed to go hand in hand with excess infringers being sin binned but that has rarely happened in the 12 months since the rules changed. Subsequently most teams have given away six agains early in the tackle count so they could reset their defence. The teams with the best try line defence systems would repeatedly offend on their try lines as they were unconcerned of any deeper repercussions because players have not been sin binned just as they conceded penalties on their goal lines before May last year. Thus I have been dying for those repeatedly infringing to be sin binned. However, the waters have been muddied by the crackdown on both repeated infringements and foul play coming at the same time.

    If the NRL buckles with a knee-jerk reaction which minimise the number of sin bins without differentiating between those repeat infringers and those for foul play I won't be surprised but I'll be very disappointed. 

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