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Farewell to a great player, GI

Well, what can I say but farewell to Greg Ignlis a great player, even though he should've been playing for NSW but what a player. Sad to see such a great player retire. Best of luck for the future, GI, thanks for the memories. You were a great inspirational for your people, the Indigenous, A lot of young Indigenous kids looked up at you in both AFL and Rugby League. You'll be remembered as a great player with amazing skills and your famous Goanna Crawl. You'll be up there with the great Abirginal players such as the late Artie Beetson, Clive Churchill, Larry Cowara, Ray Blacklock, Big Mal, and other famous Koories before you. Again, thank you for the memories from a passionate Eels fan

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    • Cliffy, forgot about him. Who you played for?


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        • My high school until I discovered there was better things to do than waste my weekends getting bashed about on a footy field like chasing chicks and smoking dope behind some shed somehwre in the cane fields and also I was very fond of surfing and bushwalking. LOL

  • Freakish talent at his peak. The only player to rival Jarryd Hayne in terms of natural talent and raw physical attributes and the only player I imagine could have emulated what Hayne did and go and play a foreign football code he’s never played before and go straight onto a roster in the biggest comp in the US.

    Like Hayne though probably didn’t train or look after injuries as diligently as some of the less talented players and his career is over a bit earlier than expected. 

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      • Agree, Mitchell is a very similar ball runner. 

  • Broke my heart twice, first playing for Qld , and second reaching out one handed from memory and taking the ball off a bomb and strolling over untouched in the 09 grand final. Hated the bloke all these years but indeed witnessed one of the all time greats to play the game.

  • Stuff him. Stole a premiership off us. Karma has come back and sent him out in style!

    • Yes that's the blight on his career.  He and his mates weren't presonally punished or made accountable for their signing of mutliple contracts to cheat the system, all the other clubs, all the players, and all the fans.  Did he keep the boat?

  • Thanks Parramaniac. Agree. GI was a great, and an awaiting immortal. And it's good to see he looked at peace with the decision; as his body has been giving him clues "it's time" for years. A rare talent. At least he went out on his terms. And now.

    • I wonder if he would be talked about as being an immortal if he played for NSW? I doubt it actually. You're right though, he should have retired at least 2 years ago.

      • Good response and great question Longfin. You might be on to something. I can't remember who's on the selection panel, but it's probably pro-Queensland. 

        GI played for the Maroons during their glory days, and for some good teams that didn't dwell on the bottom of the table. Winning teams do make players look better. And provide more opportunities. And human nature is emotional first, reasonable second. Maybe that's influenced me too, but I still rate GI as a great.

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