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  • Yes seen the footy show with Ben ikin and Paul Kent, rcg will be signed before the week is out, great signing this 1

    • Yeah, players don’t normally come out and get excited about potential signings unless it’s a done deal.

  • I just hope we are not getting lumped with him for 5 years at anywhere close to the $800k he is on. His form justifies nothing close to this. No where near the player he once was. 

    • I’m hearing 810 k for 4 year  but tpas included

      • Shawny, you would not know shit from clay....back to speed dating for you.....there is a nice lamb just around the corner.


  • So glad Evans shut a few dopes here. The amount of rubbish he copped, he was injured, they said he was injured but no one wanted to hear that. Rather lay the boot into BA, well they have the last laugh. Lol

    • Evan's still has a long way to go before he is a walk up for any side.....he would not be in my top 17.....a handy reserve grader to call into first grade after injuries, essentially where he is now!

      Our problem in the middle is far from solved and I would be bringing in potential over and above an average only player. Effectcively it is this weakness that will limit our run to the finals and then in the finals themselves if we make it that far.

      Anyone that believes Evans is excited about RCG has got rocks in their head, I can imagine him going home and saying to his wife, those bastards are getting RCG and its gunna be bloody hard to stay in the one's. His wife would reply with "don't worry Baby, Brad seems to like you.......for some reason?

      • Realy Poppa, great imagination, or did he say improve our forward PACK And our team improves.and wife responds well Baby continue to play well and you will be in that side with RCG.

        My thoughts are we need to be chasin a good defensive middle forward. We are scoring points but still leakin soft trys in, and givin up 60/70 mtrs a set which puts the opposition in a strong scoring opportunity.

        • That's pretty good for you Graham, you being doing Suduko and brain exercises......not sure about Evan's not withstanding. The defensive middle forward we want is Welch!

      • Pops, searching on the net regarding RCG and his jaw break, I can't find much except the incident in which it happened, a JWH, shoulder charge is the cause, happened prior to Origin last year, so I suspect he's very tentative in his play atm, a bit in similar way to French and his injury recovery, and both are not the only players to tread carefully after serious injuries, especially the RCG one.

        Its really early days as to his recovery and lets not forget a similar break that the great John Sattler had as well, & IIRC he made a succesful return to the top, along with playing in the grand final with his jaw busted. Different era, different players.

        If the eels can sign both Welch and RCG for next year, it would certainly provide the eels with a very formable team, given how many other players are off contract end of year, at least half of them are unlikely to be resigned or maybe for a year only.  It will be a balancing act by the coach as to who to keep as far as the Now vses the future, in other words he would need to be astute in keeping experience and rookie, and the potential of losing more of the rookies who really are our future, especially the forwards and a couple of the backs,

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