• That's the go King Arthur. BA has stated many times that we don't dicuss player contracts in public. I like it that way too!

  • Hahaha Danny, you're an absolute fool. We don't need to buy now. Always towards the end of the year/off season, players are moving around. It's becoming a trend. We can wait. Get the right players, not DWZ. Waste of money. Unless it's a Moses or a Dylan Brown extension, i doubt the rest of our players will know till the end of the season. It kinda looks like Parra are completely changing their roster, and keeping the right players. 3 the dopes we've dropped to reserve grade holds enough cap money to get a gun centre. It's about time we rely on our depth being purely in the juniors, and start signing marquee/winner players. 

    • You are d fool, mate. Read what I said for NEXT YEAR. 

  •  I get on the blog every day to see if we are chasing anyone decent, Im betting it will be the same old team next year.

  • Utoikamanu looks real promising, we wont need any more props. As well as niukore looking like a really good prop in coming years, his running style and power will make him a great front rower. Its time we spent some money in the backrow. 

    Who should you sign????

    Frizzel 750k  best in the world but injury prone

    bateman 550k   All heart and passion something we need 

    matterson 550k.    Skillfull hard runner reminds me of wade graham

    • We should be gunning hard for Frizell first and foremost. Getting him to Parra would be like when Manly got Ben Kennedy (It’s okay to dream right?).

      Would be stoked to get Matterson back if we miss Frizell though. If we land either player we’ll be looking strong for next year.

      I think we’re missing an impact bench player though. Someone to back up the halves if they go down of get injured for a few weeks. We’re in danger if we lose Moses or Brown.

  • Anyone got any updates?  Club has known Mau was leaving for some time now.  Surely they have a replacement lined up, either internally or a recruit?   Season is over, I would have thought we have heard something by now with regards to recruitment.

  • Well we signed Waqa Blake earlier in the year, he’s been a good signing thus far, not to mention he has plenty of talent. Furthermore we also have Regan Campbell Gillard coming, he’ll sure up the middle. 

    That my very well be it, but we are on the lookout for a backrower... from what I can gather we are watching the situation with Tyson Frizell very closely. 

    Also keep in my mind Matterson and Jai Arrow are on the lookout for new clubs. There’s a storm brewing in the playing market right now, no pun intended. 

    I mean this isn’t a bad team... (insert a 12) could do much worse than Ray Stone or Kurt Capewell (Cronulla). 


    01. Gutho

    02. Sivo

    03. Jennings 

    04. Blake 

    05. Fergo 

    06. D. Brown 

    07. Moses 

    08. RCG 

    09. Mahoney 

    10. Evans 

    11. Lane 

    12. ****Stone (or whoever) 

    13. N. Brown 


    14. Taka 

    15. Paulo 

    16. Nuikore 

    17. Utoikamanu 


    But I reckon we will sign a new backrower and possibly a fringe prop. 

    • My thoughs are we need another good centre, or Gutho to centre and chase a fullback, and a backrower.

    • after watching fiji, semi still playing well, put fergo to centre  ,add semi to the wing... thats a gun back line     sevo, fergo blake ,semi , who could beat us

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