• Best stadium, best fans,  most watched,  more revenue through sponsors,  looked after in the draw, .  All equates to why we should be the top dogs 

    • I was thinking the exact opposite. NRL know that the fans will always turn up and watch even if we are shithouse, can't say the same for other clubs. Maybe that's why those 50/50 calls rarely go our way.

      • Plenty of 50/50 calls went parramatta's way this year. 

      • There is no conspiracy to keep us down

    • Looked after in draw..hahaha. Try Penriff being looked after, played storm round 6, then the only top 4 side they met after that was us in round 18.

      • Totally agree that’s what u pointed out this arvo to a friend 

  • It's amazing isn't it?

    Havent won shit for going on 4 decades, and yet somehow someway we still peak the most interest out of all other sport team fans - imagine we actually won a god damn comp?

    • I'll also say I think that the numbers for the other sides are also inflated as most Parra fans still watch the games involving other teams even when Parra aren't playing- the majority are rugby league fans not just Parramatta Eels fans.

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