Eels Membership Record

The Eels have broken their membership record. See story here:

This is great news for the club, in spite of some of the bumbling efforts from the membership team. If we can push deep into the finals I reckon we'll see another bump next season.

As a point of comparison, here are all clubs current official membership levels from


As shown, we are leading the way, about 1600 more than the window licking wabbits.

Go Parra!

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  • Yep, good result for everyone involved in membership. 

  • Truly outstanding result from everyone involved at the club. Simply amazing. 
    How bad are those Broncos numbers? They have the entire city to themselves. Ouch. 

  • Wow. Imagine if we actually won the comp!

    • If we won the comp I'd imagine we'd break the 50,000 barrier.

  • This is a huge result, especially given how badly COVID has impacted the fan/member experience this year.

  • Another interesting point of comparison is the AFL. The two lowest club memberships in the AFL are the Gold Coast with 19,000, then GWS with 30,000. These are two very new clubs. The Swans have 50,000, and the two highest clubs have over 100,000. There is no reason why the Eels can't at least reach the numbers the Swans have.

    • Ya gotta love those $5 AFL memberships

      • The Eels offered $20 memberships late this season. Not a whole lot of difference really. But it is another name on the list to target...

  • Surprised the Panthers are that low.

  • Now you know why the Eels are always in the news. We're the biggest brand in the league.

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