Eels ladder position after Round 20

Ladies and gents, 

regardless of the constant dribble of the Eels playing like they are at the bottom of the table. Our Eels have the chance to end the regular season at 3rd, 4th or 5th place on the ladder after Round 20.

Yes, the last 2 months haven't been the most exciting in terms of attack, however, we all know we have points to burn and all it takes is a little bit more timing in our attack.

Last game against the Broncos we did score 5 tries, 6 actually with Henry Parernara tackling a teammate Fergy over the sideline and stopping a try. 

Anyway, we win against the Tigers and we are assured 4th position on the table. If the Roosters lose against the Rabbits, unlikely but still possible the Eels end up at 3rd place. A big if.

We lose against the Tigers we could end up in 5th place if the Raiders beat Sharks. If the Sharks beat Raiders then we end up in 4th position. 

Ok, the questions we have to ask yourself are:

  • were do end up on the ladder after Round 20?
  • who will be our opponent in the first week of the finals?
  • will we win or lose?
  • what will be the score?

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  • We should beat the Tigers on current form of both teams. 

  • Does it really make any difference?

    3rd - play Storm and we could win or we could lose.

    4th - Play Pennies and we could win or we could lose

    5th - Play the Sharks and we could win or we could lose.

    What really matters is if we get to round 2 of the finals, then we must win. Eels "must win" record is abysmal - BUT - Ole Sly Dog (The Illustrious U8s Bush Coach) is not going down that easy - he has a PLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rorters and Storm get knocked out during the finals in controversial circumstances, with a Raiders v Eels GF.

    pRicky goes crying all the way home because the refs do his team over.

    Not rocket science you know.

  • We will beat Tigers , play Penrith. They don't get 6 again tackles on tap, we will have Reed back and as a result Parra best Penrith. This will freak the cock eyed commentators out

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