Eels exodus continues as centre reportedly signs new deal

How is Tom Opacic leaving apart of an exodus? he cannot get into the 17. He is taking a starting spot at Hull KR, good on him. Seriously this exodus talk is rubbish now with some good players coming through in the back-line and players we have bought in general with more to come i predict.

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        • Ummmm no Shawn is not, you said they have been using exodus line since December, but Shawn was not talking about that he was saying news about Opacic.

          If it was not why say over 3 weeks ago? cause they have been saying it for months instead of 3 weeks ago so he is wrong there also.

          Want to try again BE?

          • Put your little pistol back in its holster there LB, Im saying Shawn is right its old news that Opicac is leaving further, I replied to your summation of the word exodus and was pointing out they have been using that since December as click bait. Thats all. 


            • Yeah fair enough i know that, but the thing i am saying is i replied to Shawn that the news about Opacic is not the purpose of the blog, so therefore he is right it is old news but that was not the point of the blog and my comment said that. So he was right in what he was saying but it is irrelevant to what i was saying.

              Your reply with the exodus claim is fair enough. But your comment to back Shawn was not warranted as i believe i am right in saying his comment was irrelevant to the actual intention. Is he right? Sure, but i am not announcing the news nor even discussing it, i used to news as an example to put case in point something else. By saying Shawn is right is saying i was wrong commenting to him which i was simply saying that was not the purpose of the blog.

              And i know the exodus claim has been used for months, why would i write i am over hearing it if it has been used for months?

              Sorry if this sounds passive aggressive, just trying to prove my point is all.

              • hahahahahaha

                • ?????

              • 10592667063?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • I dont think our recruitment and retention is as dire as people say or should be a reason to start the sack BA narrative.   However what is a concern is our pathways.   If we are a development club our rep teams are way down on eels representation and we are going busted in all the NSW Junior rep teams. Now thats a concern :-(

    • Parra_Greg  agreed here; our juniors have not been consistent and it seems one season one teams does ok and the others avg. Flagg have felt the brunt of injuries from Reggies and NRL, which has made them lose some players but the others have been avg at times over the last few years.

      • Mitchy and Para Greg  , coach would have eyes on lower grade players with potentual to fill a number of positions as good or better than those imports who have contracts here . So rather than everyone being concerned about players leaving think about both thet scenario leading to the potential money saving from salary cap  in next few years as well as the opportunities for current juniors through the pathway system to play NRL with the Eels .......... And don't pay too much attention to the number of this years juniors coming through the ranks when all of them hsve had disrupted playing seasons past 2 years due to Covid prematurely ending or cancelling lower grade and junior footy seasons . 

        • That's a good point mate.

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