Eels confirm new leadership group for 2020

Parramatta Eels have confirmed a new leadership group for the 2020 NRL season.

The Club is pleased to announce a five-man leadership group which includes captain Clint Gutherson, Mitch Moses, Junior Paulo, Nathan Brown and new recruit Ryan Matterson. 

Parramatta Eels CEO Jim Sarantinos said the group includes a good mix of players who have been identified as having strong leadership qualities by their peers.

“Leadership across the club is a focus for us over the next two to three years. We are really looking to building that leadership capability not only in footy but throughout the front office.

“Having strong and influential leaders throughout the club, whether it be on or off the field is going to help us get to where we want to be,” said Jim.

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    • My captain My Captain


      • Lol

  • Slow down with the blogs Ron, you'll blow a gasket

  • Happy with this crew of players.

    I’m surprised to see Junior there to be honest, but I hope it improves his character a bit.

    I’m not surprised to see Matto there... I have a sneaking suspicion he’s sitting behind Gutho as Vice Captain right now for leadership qualities.

    I am surprised Fergo isn’t there. I know he has a past and is a bit of a larrikin... but he’s also one of the best players on the team and currently our highest ranking rep.

    • From what I was reading the other week Paulo has been training all off season and it’s the first time in years he has come into pre-season training at a decent weight. I think it mentioned somewhere that his young family has changed his mentality and attitude. If this is the case then he has earnt it

      • Awesome news. Kind of exactly what I was hoping for.

  • Matto is going to be huge for us, cant wait to see him rip in.

  • The media was calling for lane to be a future captain and he doesn't make this. That's interesting. 

    • The media are morons whenever they write something like that. Only the players and the clubs should be concerned about the captaincy.

      • In nearly all cases and subjects you could just about end that statement half way through the first sentence i.e "the media are morons"

This reply was deleted.

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