• Manu Vatuvei apparently.

    • Yep! That's him imo, plenty of smoke about him a couple of years ago too. When another high profile Queenslander was pinched and we never heard anymore about it. His name was very common, not Brown or Green or Jones?

      • Jason Smith

        • That was the other bloke who was either the one who came under the attention first or who was the mug who got the heat fromfrom Lockyer I think Brett.

  • Who did he supply not players surely 

  • Fingers crossed its not Timmy Mannah, those hillsongers look out of their fecking tree's on the televised services on sundays.

    • So you do watch Hillsong online ?

      • Yes i do on occasions mate, im raised catholic and attended church 6 times a week at school so its not foreign to me.

        On TV i watch occasionally, not online.

        I like to be educated on what im bagging.

This reply was deleted.

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