In the first 18 minutes of the 1st half. 

1. Raiders forward shoulder charge in a tackle = no penalty to Rabbits

2. Raiders voluntary tackle = no penalty to Rabbits

3. Rabbits back forces an involuntary line drop out, ball and arm hits the ground behind the try line = Raiders knock the ball out and are awarded a try. 


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  • Na, let them play

  • Raiders forwards are doing nothing. Souths are matching them easily. 

    • Rabbits are getting on top but both sides look tired. Wonder if the week off will favour the rabbits during the 2nd half, probably 60 minute mark onwards? 

  • Souths have bombed some tries and should be up 18 - 6, raiders body language looked terrible at the back end of the half - sometimes the week off can work against you. 

  • Sorry Choccy, fantastic game, let the players sort it out, just let them play.

    And anybody who thinks the game should outlaw stripping, I present that last 40 minutes, every possession was a contest, nothing was a given. It was brilliant.


    • Agreed about the ball stripping and the 2nd half entertainment. It was a very good game. Still think a foul is a foul and the refs were not doing there job in the 1st half. Souths bombed a few try opportunities in the 1st half and could have been up 14 to 18 nil - raiders try was not a try. 

  • The Roosters and Melbourne were light years ahead of other sides this year. I know Raiders beat Melbourne but everything went there way including a dropped ball in the last minute to win. It was similar to 2017 eels performance except they won.  They won’t beat them again. Parra were not far off Raiders or Souths but were never going to beat Melbourne or Roosters in a finals game. 

    • 100%.

      Watching this game, I can’t help but think what might’ve been. We definitely have more weapons in our arsenal than both these sides put together, it’s just a shame the raiders beat the Storm first week.


      • Storm wanted Raiders to beat them. The Storm are better without a week off.

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