Do you keep Nathan Brown now Taupau is not an option.

I mean unless we can swap for a Wests forward who is up and coming which i doubt i think it would be worth while keeping Brown for 2023, hoping one of the youngsters work out. Greig or Momoisea hopefully can work out. With Matterson on the bench i think we could have say Ogden on the bench and be ok.

Though Brown is no longer the player he once was, he can add some impact off the bench in a different role. He adds aggression and is not having as much of a workload as he did in the past. He can still make metres, throw an offload and defend. Give him a solid 20mins and he does a roll. Granted you are paying 600k for that but better than what we currently have to be fair, unless you we find someone similar or better before Round 1.

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  • I'm surprised that Brown is still at Parra as his manager mentioned that he had played his last game with the eels at last years gf. Don't think there is much left at the tigers worth swapping. Keep him around until a super league side signs him up during the season.

    • Need to splash some cash on a front row enforcer. Spencer Leniu carved up Parra in the GF. Played much better than our two highly paid front rowers. A real metre eater and brick wall defence. I hear Dogs are after him. Parra needs to get to him first. 

      • Leniu is an absolute gun. Perfect off the bench and creates momentum.  Unfortunately the mail is the dogs have got him. And our recruitment team decided to sign Nathan Brown who was always going to be a liability on a 3 year deal considering his injury history. 

        • If he was "always going to be a liability" they wouldn't have re-signed him. He was in great form when he re-signed. Then he got injured. His injury history before that didn't affect his form at the time he re-signed.

          • No , you could tell he was slowing particularly with his play the ball speed. 

  • LB I think we keep to our plan and am sure the club will either upgrade someone into top 30, or keep him if wests don't buy him. My query is around his impact now... granted he's training well it do we keep him at his current wage?guess we have to if no one picks him up, but I thought wests were holding off till late to reduce contract costs. Maybe the club had someone else in mind??


    • I mean maybe Parramatta might have someone in mind for a swap at another club. From reports he is one of the fittest that the club, seeing how he handled being dropped last year to being put back in for the GF, he seems like a true professional and i respect that highly.

      Wests may still want him but Parramatta now might think, let's keep him and sign a replacement for 2024 and see Brown's deal out. If he is still on the way out, a club will come knocking.

  • The only Tiger I'd go for would be Shaun Blore, he bested Cyborg as a 19yr old.

    Still, I'd definitely keep Cyborg for this yr as no Taupau.

    Wiremu & Momoisea had better step up, Wiremu has all the attributes but lazy around the ruck

    If we have Carty Brown Ogden Rodwell/Wirremu/Momoisea for first 3 rounds until Matto is back, hopefully they'll fight hard for a spot.

    Just putting it out there.... would it be suicide to have say Junior & Ogden start and Reg & Wiremu bench rotate? 

    Don't go gettin' all shitty just thinking a little bit different to keep impact from the bench ?

    • I wouldn't have RCG on bench to be fair, he starts us off well and sets the tone. Greig is better suited to the bench, Ogden you could start for first 20 or so then bring in a player like Matterson for remainder of the match.

      I was thinking about it last night, Murchie is training in the middle and i think has a spot in the 17. So a bench, after round 3, of Brown, Matterson, Ogden and Murchis is not too bad. Having Murchie and Ogden playing Prop and Matterson filling in at Lock or Second-row and Brown in the middle somewhere.

    • Can someone please tell me what they say in Wiremu Greig? All I see is a fat plodder with a mullet who can play about 30 minutes a game max. Like so many on here talk him up and I'm like who tf is this guy? Honestly give my Ky Rodwell over that bloke, Greig is a plodder, admit it guys. 

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