Do We Need Our General Back

Watching today's game, I can't help but think we need our Little General back as soon as possible. Last week Gutho stepped up and really played as an attacking halfback and we beat the Cowboys easy. This week Gutho had his hands full with fullback duties, and our game management suffered a lot. I agree Dylan and Field had good defensive games, but being able to game manage and last tackle options they are sadly well behind Moses. The end of sets was terrible for a large part, and our building of pressure when in the red zone was minimal, it just wasn't up to standard for a competition leading team. Of course people will think we won the game then we played well and they will get better but for now I think we need Moses back, what are people's thoughts.

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  • Well let it finally out to bed the silly notion that we are a better team without Mitch, or that Dylan is ready to be the dominant half.

    • +1 Brett. Though I believe only Roosters fans think MM is superfluous to requirements?

  • Without reading this blog I can answer the question. 
    A) YES !!

  • I do agree........I also think Gutho is carrying a little leg injury. Hes been heavily padded last few games which I feel restricted his running game today. I could be wrong but it just looked that way to me - a lot less darts out of dummy half and a lot less kicking in general play.

    • Will there be a week where BA rests Gutho, I wonder? Once MM is back, one would think Field could take a week of FB duty? That or Fergo to 1 for a week and Field on the wing? 
      When was the last time the Eels were going well enough that resting a starter was viable?!

      • Why does Fergo need a rest for a week as he seems to have one each week in game time?

        • Colin, I said maybe a Fergo (or Field) to fullback for a week if Gutho is rested. 

          • Prof, Fergo is so often caught out in defence that is virtually embarassing, how could he handle and read the game at FB?

            Watching yesterdays game against the knights, Gutho pretty much worked the whole 80, I watched him several times where the knights went for our right side in attack and Gutho was there in position to assist or make the tackle, soon as the knights played the ball and it went to the other side, was easy to see Gutho running almost parallel with the ball in the in goal area.

            If Gutho needed a break, and despite his overall inexperience I would prefer to see Field go to the back, especially in attack. Fergo while making some reasonable runs and making overall metres has gone backwards from my perspective.

            • Fair points, Colin. I was just speculating. The issue I am raising is that Gutho's thigh and groin is so heavily strapped it raises the question of whether a week off is the the way to prevent a more long term injury? No replacement would replace what he does. 

              • That strapping on his left leg looked concerning. It's a band used to assist a groin injury. His right leg seemed more padded which indicates he's had a cork and that generally won't keep someone out for  a game.

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