Depth Chart for 2020

Definite 20 players

Full Back (1) : Clint Gutherson

Wing (3): Blake Ferguson, Maika Sivo, George Jennings,

Centre (3): Waqa Blake, Michael Jennings, Jaeman Salmon

Halves (2): Mitchel Moses, Dylan Brown

Hooker (2): Reed Mahoney, Will Smith

Props (4): Junior Paulo, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Kane Evans, Daniel Alvaro, Oregon Kafusi

Lock (2): Nathan Brown, Ray Stone

Edge (2): Shaun Lane, Marata Niukore,

Development (0):


Likely resign or promote from lower grade (7):

Full Back (0) :

Wing (1): Ethan Parry, Charlton Schaafhausen (could be development but looks good enough to sign)

Centre (2): Brad Takairangi

Halves (1): Rhys Davies

Hooker (0): 

Props (1): Stefano Utoikamanu

Lock (0):

Edge (2): Andrew Davey, Salesi Fainga

Development (2): Kyle Schneider (hooker), Haze Dunster (Wing)


That would be 27 players and 2 development

Priority signing is a top tier edge forward

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        • Ask the Broncos how that plan worked out for them.

          Besides, Junior was brilliant for us this year playing big minutes, he has a surprisingly big motor for such a big guy. He simply has to start.

        • Paulo needs to start, I would play him for 30 minutes in the first half then  25/35 minutes in the last part of second half, that gives him a good spell 30 + minutes overall.  With Evans his start partner and RCG comming on and he can play big minutes gives the pack strength where needed.

          Frizell is a back rower and at 28, we would be better looking for a younger player, Frizell has not had the best of seasons this year but not many at the daggies have as well.  Our primary 3 back rowers in Lane, Marata and NBrown can each play big minutes.

          If the coach and GM can work on a good deal and get Matterson's head right he would be a great pickup, with the other players we have in Stefano. Faianga'a. Kafusi and Alvaro we have pretty fair bench players, not forgetting Stone and perhaps Taka as utility is not a bad offering.

          The players selected for the 9's and matches for the PM's X111 against Fiji along with players such as Sivo and DBrown also playing for their respective national teams it wil give them some extra areas of learning in their games.

          I honestly don't see the need to be trying to chase every NRL player with a reputation of any kind that comes on the market, as I see we really only need one extra backrower and get the young players up to NRL level off the bench.

          • Colin I agree with you and Brett, Jr has to start. Also bringing him on at the Back end of the second half is a winner running at tired defences. This will be especially so next year with the ability to bring on RCG who can play big minutes.

            At a pinch any one of our top 4 Middles can start a game wich means we won't lose much in the transition period but how BA uses them will be important.

            Even Alvaro seemed to be playing better at the back end of the season. Playing for Wenty seemed to give him some confidence and losing some weight seemed to help also

            • John, I suspect Alvaro had dropped back a little in weight, his attempt to add bulk and weight was too much for him, something I think needs to be considered by all the players and coaches, as to what is their best size overall.

              With the talk of some of our players going to Spuds gym, and looking at pics of Spud he still looks fit enough to play, he does not appear to have put much weight on, if at all, He would be someone who could work with the players to garner the right info on them as to their best playing weight and muscle strength.

              No good having 117kg or heavier players if they are too big for their body size.

              • Which is why I think the club extended him for another year on top of him exercising his option. I think they realised pretty quickly that he isn't suited to being a huge battering ram but more of a middle weight work horse type. The problem is that it is awfuly difficult for players to change their weight appreciably in season, that's what preseason is for. Judging him on the first half of this season would have been unfair, especially if it was the club's idea to bulk him up. You have to give him a solid preseason to get back into his best size and then judge him on his performances after that. He'll now have 12 months to show he is worthy of a further contract extension.

    • You probably could, but it wouldn't really save much cap space, his replacement if he was any good would cost as much if not more.

  • How good is Payne haas .  Massive motor and leg speed and will become the prototype middle who can play 70+ minutes .  Absolute machine . 

    we need a good edge runner . Someone with a bit of footwork and a pass .   Frizell is class but graham is my dream pick .  Matterson is good too but history and a healthy ego may not go well for him


    • Yeah that’s the thing Paul, Matterson has showed who he is with his tanty about him thinking he is worth more than the contract he signed and agreed to.

      If we go for and accept Matterson on the grounds he wants to severe west’s relationship due to more $, just hope Shaun lane, Sivo, Reed and Nuikore, Dylan are on decent coin otherwise what’s to stop them? 

      But I’ll would raid the nieghbours in cap trouble and get Kikau :)

      • We have a kid playing in the number 8in our 20s called Etuale Lui and just played for the kiwis against the Aust under 20s . This kid is a beast watched him this year in the 20s he is also a mate of young Dylan Brown. See if you can get the highlights of the 20s game against the Aussie team and you will see what I mean .I would like to see him brought up to train with the big boys in the pre season and see what happens .very impressive 

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