• RELAXXXXXXXXXX. Let’s just get the W. Very worried about this game. 

  • Titains have a good grip on the wooded spoon, after friday nights game.

  • If we are to progress we must show clear signs that our club is no longer burdened by favouritism and will go in for the kill against any opposition showing any signs of weakness which the Tigers are prone to this season. If both sides play blinders then I'm still ok with winning by 1 point, but if the Tigers are not on song, then we should completely destroy them, show no mercy for 80 minutes and win by 60+. Then it's up to the Dragons to beat the Raiders tomorrow @ Win Stadium by 20+ points and we jump the Raiders into 4th spot. 

  • Im with Shattereel just get win first then worry about how big then

  • If we didn’t cop that flogging from Melbourne we wouldn’t have to worry about this.

  • For years and years we have been mentally weak in games that mattered the most and in games we are easily favoured to win. If our squad can't now find that steely, aggressive edge to win at all cost while brutally piling on the points, we will again fail in the big games. We need to come into games like the one tomorrow and blow inferior teams like the Tigers completely out of the park. We should be thriving on scoring 33+ points and getting into 5th spot. Who cares about Benji's 300th. Our squad and coaches, etc, can shake hands with Benji and celebrate his awesome milestone for many hours but only after we have completely smashed the tigers.

  • The will be lucky to win let alone win by 33pts

  • For & against could be big at years end. 

  • I think we are close to no chance tomorrow, everything against us.

    Played 1 or 2 games in a month, Benji’s 300th game, win loss record with this referee is terrible and Takairangi is playing in the centres.

    Very tough game.

  • Geez we need a win. We win we go ahead we loose we stay with the rabble

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