David Gower should start in 17 vs Dogs

Once again David Gower showed a lot of class in the match against Souths last night as he did in the nines, I would have him in the 17 ahead of Ryan Matterson.Last night I was impressed with the go forward of Kane Evans and Penne Terrepo. Hopefully both theses two players in starting 17 against Dogs.Our goal line defence once again found wanting against Souths.Mahoney once again never ran from dummy half when he was on the paddock.This Fonua looked good in the 1st half. Will he be in our 30 squad?I know it is only a trial but `it is what we look at and hopefully some improvement in the trial against Penrith,

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  • I love Gowie but having him ahead of Matterson, no way, crazy. 

  • Again it will be another long year for Eels fans. Haven't really liked anything I've seen from the Eels in the 9's or the game against South's. Their defence was 2nd rate and their attack was very poor. 

    • Stfu

    • You are obviously hard to please. Parra scored the try of the 9s tournament, made the semis to be beaten in the last minute and showed very impressive, resolute defence.

      The Souths team last night were impressive. It is a trial and that is how it was treated. It's really a bit early for the usual pessimists to put their boots into our team.

      Go Parra

    • When you say another long year do you mean 2 games longer than regular season like last year? Or longer perhaps?we replaced and Tep and Mau with Matto and RCG , do you think we are a worse team for it?

  • If Gowie Peni and Evans are in our starting rotationd we are in trouble

    • Personally I think our forward rotation should be Jr and RCG to start with Evans and Kafusi off the bench.

      Alvaro is a backup reserve at best and Peni is only slightly better. 

      • I would split Paulo and RCG, to start the season at least, Evans finished last season strongly starting games so i would start the season with Paulo and Evans and have RCG off the bench and see how it pans out. There is a real fight on for that 4th front row spot and at this stage i don't know who gets it.

        • I think Marata will be the middle on the bench with stone as the interchange hooker/lock and BA always finds a spot for Takka. So final spot will be Evans/Oregon 

  • Gower always shows his class towards the end of the year when we pick up a couple of injuries. I personally love him as a player, but I don’t see him making the 1st grade team above our current forward pack.

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