David Fifita

Curious as to others thoughts.. with David Fafita free to negotiate with other clubs from November 1st, what bearing may yesterdays result have on his intent to stay with the Broncos?

Parramatta are building something special for years to come, the money on offer is very very competitive.....



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    • 500k Bob would not get you in the front door......that's as good as a no bid.

      What yesterday proved is that they have got to let a few players go to buy some halves, you may see Milford shopped around and Boyd retired, Haas and Fifita will not be let go.

      If they pickup Sezer from Canberra as the 7 and play Bird at 5/8 they will be a much better side.

  • He's not worth $1M at the moment but by the end of five years he'll probably be worth more than that.

    • That does not mean there will be a Club out there prepared to offer this money!

      • There's always desperate clubs out there pinching stars off the big clubs by paying massive overs.

  • Based on how Fifita played on Sunday, he isn't worth a Million dollars a season. He is a great up and coming forward but the big money needs to go to big game players. 


    If I were the Eels I would be offering 750k over 3-5yrs or develop our own talent. We don't want to end up where the Broncos are with their cap tied up in the wrong areas.

    • Mate nobody could play well in that broncos team like look at Haas. Under 100m even tho he was making 200m and a thousand busts a game. Just look at what Fifita did against parra a month ago that’s not a one off thing he’s very consistent. This isn’t TPJ again this kid is the real deal. 

      • Fifita has a low work rate. Averages about 10 runs a game. That is not the work of a million dollar player 

  • Would prefer Haas but happy to get Fafita.

  • It’s a lot for a player who had zero impact against our current pack. 

    I’m sure we would use him much better and he’d dominate at our club but that’s enormous money for a middle forward. 

    • So you see him as a middle ?

      To me he would look very good on our right edge running off Mitch.

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