DANIEL ANDERSON GOT THE EELS TO THE 2009 GRAND FINAL. He has connections to the eels going back many years. He won premierships with UK Super league teams. Currently he is recruitment manager for the Roosters and we all know Uncle Nick does not suffer fools. Anderson as head coach with Geoff Toovey and Jason Taylor as assistants would be a great combination-Toovey as defensive coach and Taylor as attacking coach

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  • Sounds feasible

  • Very ideal coaching staff, big DA fan and is a hell of alot better than other candidates.

  • A Daniel Anderson with Brian Smith overseeing operations would make my Winky feel funny.  

    • Yes mine just moved, first time since lockdown 

      • ok , let's just be carfull not to cross them. It'd be like two lightsabers. 

        • Lol nice tip it's all happening! ha

          • You think Wiz has a nice tip? You're easy pleased

            I thought it was undersize, mis-shapen and smelled like catpiss


  • A bit of common sense there Big Bear. I doubt that Daniel could successfully cobble that team together though, unless you know something I don't? Their individual and group bonafides are immaculate.

  • Didnt he just get done as operations manager or something few years back

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