Curtis Scott

Hearing a few rumours and from TCT parra have signed Curtis Scott on a train and trial for 2024 season. 
By seasons end with him and Penisini as our centres it makes our team look a lot stronger. 
everyone's thoughts?

of course this means he can't play before round 10

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  • Only if they can put an alcohol ban in the contract. The bloke will be locked up within the first season

    • Forget this loser. Junior Tupou from the Tigers has yet to sign for 2025. He should be the main focus to solve our wing/centre position. Only 21 years old. 

      • Apparently the Roosters are gunning for him. Like they need any more outside backs Dull

      • He's a good player. The Rorters will simply offer him minimum wage and a nice few bits of financial advice on where to invest it and make it back 20 times over , and all will be as per normal in the NRLs eyes.  

        • Uncle Nick says he is an excellent golf player.

  • I like this if true...

  • Ok well if he has signed then lets support him. He is a talent and was all for him getting a train and trial for 2022 before the court case happened. Similar to Danny Wicks, let's see if it works, it is a low risk thing. He will be signed to a deal then if extended he will be having one year prove it deals with options everywhere. That is not a bad thing for us.

    He is still young, will have players like Gutho, Moses, RCG, Paulo, Lane etc all to mentor him and keep him on straight and narrow. Only issue this club has had was Brown and that was more stupidy than anything else.

    I can see him signing a deal with Cup then after Round 10 he is full-time Centre. Young and cheap also is a bonus.

    Added, if you put him up against other off-contract Centres, he is one of the better ones. I was not too keen on him more so due to him having many demons and not sure if he is worth the hassle. However, upon reflecting, it really is a low risk signing.

  • This bloke showed a heap of potential early and then things went pear shaped quickly with what seems to have been off field issues seemingly involving alcohol.  If he hasn't sorted out his life off field then nothing will come of this. Let's hope he has turned things around and he gets to fulfil that potential as an eel.

  • Interested to see how he makes us alot stronger when he hasn't been in the nrl for nie on 3 years.I mean if I'm honest the only thing I liked about him is his physicality.

    He reminds me of ex Bulldog Aaron Schoup .

    • He was very poor defensively leading up to his hiatus, early on in his first grade career however  he was solid.

      Its going to be all about his attitude going forward with the opportunities he's likely to get.

      If your going down the money ball path though he's the kind of player who could give you a return

      The coaching staff have to put in as much effort to make this work as Scott would.

      Ill be watching this development with keen interest, I love aggressive competitors.

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