Cronulla to throw their next game

In a surprisingly not so strange set of circumstances Cronulla will finish eighth regardless of whether they win or lose next week against Canberra. With their current for/against there is no no way they will overtake Souths and take seventh spot.

Even if Cronulla manage to win they will possibly have to head to Canberra the following week and beat them again.

Now, I could be wrong, but I'd imagine they would almost prefer to just lose to Canberra and hope tigers get up against us in benji's final game.

Yep, I'm calling it. I actually have no doubt. Cronulla would prefer to play us at bankwest. They will fancy their chances and whilst totally unprofessional and unsportsmanlike I can see Cronulla "taking it easy" next week. We can't complain though, we, according to all reports did the same thing in the final round of 2009.

Of course none of this will matter if we find a way to beat the tigers. Surely our players can get the job done. Regardless of it being benjis last game it would mean a lot more to our team overall.

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  • Shaun Johnson's out for them isn't he Achilles?

  • I think every team in the 8 is hoping they can get a shot at us we are the great pretenders 

    • No Super said Panthers are the pretenders your getting mixed up. Also there are 2 comps:

      1. The first team past the post.and you win a shield symbolising the game. 

      2. The knock out comp between top 8. Then you win a statue symbolising a grand final. 

  • 2009 was totally different. Last game of the season was against St. George.

    Parra finished 8th and in the first wk of the finals we played number 1 -Saint George again. 
    We lost the last round and won our first game in the final series 

    • The point being, if they lose to Canberra and we win they have to play Canberra again, in Canberra.

  • Throw the game? I don't think winning is an option for teh Sharks against canberra especially with no Shaun Johnstone. 

    • Yep, I was thinking same...

    • Yep they won't have to try hard. 

  • I wonder whether the NRL would address this (quietly) with the sharks as that game could become a farce if they decide to throw it.

  • Maybe the roosters might throw their next game finish 4th and we beat the tigers we would be off to Queensland to play Melbourne. 

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