Conflict of interest

So how do you manage a perceived possible conflict of interest with club decisions 🤔

a coach has more than one child coming through the junior ranks ....... we have seen coaches with one like Cleary or Flanagan 

what about two 🤔what processes are in place to see retention and promotion are fair and just 

I see some difficulties 


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        • The Titans thought Smithy was worth a 2 year contract. I agree with them. He's a better 14 than Stone and a better 6 or 7 than Arthur. He can also play fullback. But now the Titans have him so you can be happy? 

          D Brown had 5 tries in 2019 man, and again tries aren't the stat you want. Wins are. Brown has WINS. 

          Also your defense of Arthur is that he's a kid. So is Brown. He is a baby in terms of age and maturity. He will also get much better. If you think Arthur will improve with time you should think the same of Brown. Arthur played 7 games in his debut season at 19. Brown played 15 games in his debut season st 19.

          Every stat is accumulated trying to gather WINS.

          Panthers won the conp with the number 1 defense. Defense is the ticket to top 4 and premierships more than attack.

          Storm had the best attack but were rolled in the finals.

          • oh please name one time where Will Smith took a first grade game by the scruff of the neck, did something against the grain and got us a win. He is a " in a sporting sense" a tradesman, does a job, brings energy, dosnt take too much out of the cap, is a great bloke, but is hardly ever going to make the big play, dominate his opposite and get the team a win. Great bloke but the  titans are not the Eels and are offering him a chance of a first grade dig and game time. good luck to him,...

            As to defense is so important, your right it is. But only a fool thinks that scoring points is not a concern.  Scoring more points then the opposition actually wins the game further the hidden benefits of a great attack is able to take the pressure  off a team as well as lifting your side and creating a roll on effect. It also demoralises and takes the steam out  of the opposition. We didnt lose this year because of defense or effort, we lost because we didnt for whatever reason score more points then the opposition.


            Oh and Man Official stats has Dylan scoring 4 tries in first grade for 2019, not the five your wishing for. As for  not wanting tries for  Dylan but how many wins he is part of. The ball boys were also a part of Parras wins but they didnt score any points. A premiership winning dominating 5/8 needs to be scoring or setting up scoring plays. He just does. if he cant then hell move him to lock, I dont care. But as a team we need to score  more points per game to win a comp, and typically in a game of footy that comes from your spine players.


            • My mistake, I was using Rugby League Project and it looks like they recorded a Nathan Brown try as a Dylan Brown one. Lol. So you are correct it was 4 tries. They had him scoring against Manly in round 18 2019 but it was Nathan Brown.

              As for Will Smith - I largely agree. He doesn't usually take control of a game - he kind of did in round 3 2021 against the Sharks. Moses went off injured and Smith played halfback. He got 2 important try assists - 1 was a crossfield kick for a Fergo try and the other was a long cutout pass for a Sivo try. We won the game 28 - 4 or something, so we would have won anyway but his contribution added 2 tries which made the win much more comfortable.

              I wanted us to chase Peachey for the 14 jersey and the Tigers got him. I don't mind us losing players if we have replacements. The lack of replacements has me agitated because we are very close to pre season starting (November) and we are yet to announce anything. I'm sure they are making moves in the background but I am just feeling agitated. I thought Will Smith was staying and that he would either be our 14 on the bench or our reserve grade backup for halves/fullback. But now he's gone so I just want to know who we have.

              As for scoring points - we scored 4.1 tries a game in 2021 which was the best of BAs career as a coach. Our attack is moving in the right direction. For comparisons sake the Panthers scored 4.3 tries a game. So our attack was only 0.2 tries behind the premiers! We are closer than you think in attack. Sure we need to do better against the good teams - but it's not as dire as you think. We don't need to do anything drastic like change Gutho or Dylan's positions. We stay the course and add complementing players around them.

              The gap with the Panthers is much larger in defense. We conceded 2.9 tries a game which is pretty good, but they only conceded 2.0 tries a game. So we are further away from them in defense than attack. This was reflected in the final game. Their defense suffocated our attack and they beat us 8-6. I feel pretty confident though that if Reed or even Lussick played that game we would have scored more than 1 try. We were pretty unlucky they were both injured.

              • 👍

  • Watch when the team training photos come out next year and JA looks like a beefcake.

    Lucky there is no drug testing in the off season. 

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