Conflict of interest

So how do you manage a perceived possible conflict of interest with club decisions 🤔

a coach has more than one child coming through the junior ranks ....... we have seen coaches with one like Cleary or Flanagan 

what about two 🤔what processes are in place to see retention and promotion are fair and just 

I see some difficulties 


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  • Young Jake hasnt done anything wrong, he goes good for a kid so young.  Id love to see him make good in a few years and win a premiership. Im sure some supporters here would still hate on the kid. His attacking skills and ability to help the team score points was more valued then highly fancied Dylan Browns attempt all year , to help the team score points.

    Jake Arthur     7 games, 2 tries, 3 try assists, 2 forced drop outs

    Dylan Brown 21 games, 4 tries, 2 try asists, 4 forced drop outs


    • He also did nothing to get his second stint in first grade, i had no problem with him getting a run with Brown and Smith out and him supporting Moses, and he showed while he has talent and may well be a very good first grader in the future he wasn't ready physically for the rigors of first grade. But the second time he was picked was pure BS and reeked of nepotism, not only was he back in the side he was given the keys to the side which was absolutely laughable.  As i said the Eels are the Arthurs make a wish foundation.


      But i thought his last game against the Panthers he was one of our best in a badly beaten side, i think when his body catches up with his footy smarts he will be a more than handy first grader.

      • Agreed Al.

        7 games he played. Probably 5 too many.

        As you pointed out, we can excuse the first few selections but not the next 4....nepotism is the only reason. Smith was back and available at the back end.

      • Well said Alan.

    • And people were bagging his defence, last game he had 0 missed tackles despite a tonne of traffic coming his way. Yeah, he's a loooonnnggg way off the finished article, but some people on here seem to want to him to fail, it's mind boggling. I still remember Greggs stating he wished he failed if it meant BA was going to be sacked, what a total cockhead, no fan in their right mind would say such a stupid thing, but Greggs doesn't have a right mind I guess....

      • He was targeted badly in the Canberra and Roosters games, but against Penrith i thought he had his best game considering the opposistion and his team mates.  He made some good one on one tackles.  I still don't believe he was our best option once Smith was back and Moses was out.  Hopefully he has a big pre season and he can do a job fopr us at 14.

        • Not saying he was the best option, and I 100% agree he got too many starts, but the kid deserves a break, he was far from being the reason we lost some of those games, some higher profile players on far more coin completely went missing yet people want to blame the rookie. I think he has plenty of potential and I hope he fulfils it, as every eels fan should, seems some don't want him to though which is ludicrous.

          • He missed a one on one tackle in the Canberra game that led to a try and we lost by 2, i thought he had a shocker against the Roosters and i really felt sorry for him but as i said i thought he played his best game against the Riff in a badly beaten side against the Premiers no less,   I think he has talent and there is plenty to work with.  His body is not quite ready yet to keep up with his brain but when it does we will have a first grade half i have no doubt.   The worry is do we lose Dylan Brown to keep him or can we squeeze in all three like Penrith did this year???

    • What a strange take. You seriously think JA helps our attack more than Brown? JA plays like he is underwater. I've had this discussion with you before. You need to look beyond the terrible try assist stat. It is misleading.You forgot the most important stat Blue Eel - win percentage.

      JA 2 wins 5 losses: win percentage 29%

      Dylan Brown 36 wins 18 losses: win percentage 67%

      JA doesn't win and Brown does.Your anti Brown bias is sickening and boring. He is about 17 thousand times a better player than JA is.

      Here are some stats:

      If you look closely Brown has 28 try involvements for 2021 from 21 games played. 5 involvements from dummy half, 17 tries where he was passing the ball (just not the final pass so it doesn't count as an assist) and 3 kicking involvements, not to mention 4 times where he scored the try himself.

      Arthur has 7 try involvements: 2 tries himself, kicked 4 times (1 kick for his own try) and only 2 passing involvements. 7 involvements from 7 games played = 1 a game.

      Brown has 28 involvements from 21 games = more than 1 involvement per game.

      But hey - don't let the truth get in the way of a good bias right?


      • Jake is a kid, 10 months out of high school, for god sake get a grip. Its only said that he hasnt done much wrong, he is going better then most at that age, and of course hes not ready for first grade. Will is what 29 years old and still not ready for first grade, and it appears he dosnt  really have potential to get a whole bettter. And  if we are delving into the truth, the truth is our team dosnt score enough points to win a game. Dylan Brown as a first choice NRL 5/8 has the grand total of 4 tries lastseason, 4 tries  the season before and 4 tries the year before that......... Something is seriously amiss if we think that is acceptable.

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