Conflict of interest

So how do you manage a perceived possible conflict of interest with club decisions 🤔

a coach has more than one child coming through the junior ranks ....... we have seen coaches with one like Cleary or Flanagan 

what about two 🤔what processes are in place to see retention and promotion are fair and just 

I see some difficulties 


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        • We need an NRL backup half and JA is not the answer.

          Will Smith is only reserve grade standard yes - but that makes JA under 20s standard.

          The Panthers had Burton and May as backups to their halves in their premiership year - we currently have JA and no one.

  • Certainly is a worry Carlo. 

    Without a back up half we will have to rely on JA if either of our halves go down which sucks as JA is a park footy player at best.

    I think we are in for a very long and unfulfilled season next year.

    • You are always very accurate BEM 

      If you are worried so am I 

  • BA isn't the sole decision maker when it comes to retention 

    • When it's apparently a poor decision he is, when it's someone like a Papali'i it's mostly O'Neil. Come on Brett, keep up, it's 1EE....

      • And the same thing is said when an astute buy is made - it must be BA.

        You can't have it both ways, it's either BA or it isn't - from what I've seen BA carries enormous weight when it comes to his squad retention and recruitment.

  • Do people really think this is what really happens in a professional environment?

    puhllease - everything is a conspiracy or has an ulterior motive.

    let's think about it a bit - smith has been on a year by year contract for the last few years. He has been offered and accepted a two year deal on the Gold Coast. At 29 is a two year contract better than a one year contract? Of course it is and all his career he has been a fill in at best. 
    ba let him go cos he wanted ja in his place - can't make this shit up.


    • Good luck to Will, he's been solid without being a star. At this stage of his career, as you suggest, he should be looking after number 1 and trying to set himself up for life after footy, it happens, it's happened to a tonne of players before, many of them far more accomplished NRL players than Will. All the JA hate is just crap, he's going to be ok, he has some strings to his bow and some weaknesses, tell me an NRL rookie that doesn't? Seems if they play for another club they are bullet-proof and superstars, they play for us and they're complete duds. I think the whingers on here are the actual duds, they like to go off just for the sake of it. Not sure a lot of people understand the meaning of the word "supporter".

    • The problem we have with that Rock is the JA factor. We don't want JA in the top 30 at all let alone the first choice backup half.

      We need to sign someone to replace Smith if he is leaving. I wanted to sign Peachey but the club dragged their feet and we didn't get him either.

      It is looking pretty bleak on the signings front.The new season literally starts in 2 weeks (preseason training) and we haven't announced anyone arriving - only people leaving. I'm sure they are making moves behind the scenes but as a fan it is frustrating and nerve wracking to not see any improvements to the squad when teams like the Dragons, Tigers and Bulldogs are signing players every week.

  • Will Smith not retained, not his biggest fan but he was a decent back up who could cover a few spots.  Him being gone paves the way for Bea Jr............  I'll say again is the Parramatta club the make a wish foundation for the Arthurs????

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