Conflict of interest

So how do you manage a perceived possible conflict of interest with club decisions 🤔

a coach has more than one child coming through the junior ranks ....... we have seen coaches with one like Cleary or Flanagan 

what about two 🤔what processes are in place to see retention and promotion are fair and just 

I see some difficulties 


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                  • LOL!! Mate, I only missed it because I'm a moron (I still had to stare at your post for 5 minutes) :))

  • It's a nothing blog. This is the NRL and BA doesn't make the decisions himself. The BA haters really need to give it a break because it's just garbage. Jake is a kid learning the game, He has a really good kicking game and his defence for a kid his age is also pretty good. He is bloody fast which is also a plus so we will just have to see how he progresses over the next couple of seasons.

    Brad's heart and soul is Parra, Too bad some of the fans arn't the same. Do you really think we are going that bad.

    • Mate the vultures are picking our eyes out. We are shedding players with no new signings.

      • Now that's a bit of hyperbole. Who's picking our eyes out? Which players are we shedding? RCG in over 12 months time?

        • Yes Mutt, I am using hyperbole. It is just a language device and a persuasive technique used to make a point.

          I am just agitated by our lack of recruits. I am okay to let players go provided we have a like for like replacement or preferably someone better. So far we have no one and preseason begins in 2 weeks.

          I wanted Peachey to sign and play 14 for us - an important piece we are missing. Instead he signed for the Tigers. Now the 14 we have in Will Smith is leaving too. We need someone to play 14. And please don't say Ray Stone. The bloke is a defensive specialist and provides no attack at all.

          Letting RCG go if he wants more than 800k is fine, but then we need to sign a replacement. I doubt we will get someone better.

          Niukore is apparently about to sign for the Warriors. Again we need to sign a replacement.

          I am deeply unimpressed by our recruitment lately. We sign BA, but no players at all. We are chasing Cotric from the dogs who is under contract. This reeks of desperation and the Bulldogs could very easily string us along and then block us.

      • probably makes it easier to buy an xfactor 5/8 - attacking spine player. Dont see the problem our team was probably the 4th to 5th best in the comp, something must change. Onwards and upwards. Its called succession planning. We have all our stars for next season. its the year after that will change.. As it should to keep putting the pieces together to improve and be the best in the comp. 

    • Coach, in all of the commenters on here, You and BUP are the ones I respect and admire each and every posts. Not only have the high footy knowledge but all of your posts are based on facts and good analysis and not on emotions, biases or in some posts, plain stupidity😊. Go PARRA!

  • Carlo this is good news for Will Smith.  With Peachey gone he will get more game time so be happy for him. You can follow them as well. You can spread love around I've been doing it for years. 

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