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            • No. I'm happy that he stayed an Eel, just a little jaded by the process. I was merely offering some alternative points of view. I think we paid too much (if it's the reported price of $650K a season) but I'm not in charge of the roster. Do I think there are better players in the NRL at that price point? Yes, I do.

  • I am not concerned that he is going anywhere. He didn't give me that impression and, if he does, all power to him. He has served Parra admirably. I'm happy with the price the Club has put on him. 

    I believe he was uncomfortable about all the media hype surrounding the negotiations. He spoke half a beat too quick throughout the majority of the interview and never quite relaxed. It was telling that, when asked about how he would handle things differently in future, his response was "not got to the media". He didn't even try to put that on Ayoub. 

    With that admission, I suspect he genuinely expected more coin to be on the table and has been left red faced by the reactions of influential RL minds to his position. People like MG have said you couldn't offer him more. His resume doesn't allow for it and no one has a strong view opposing that. 

    Please don't misinterpret me. I am not criticising Guth. He is well within his rights to put a value on his services and it's not a black and white issue - he is club captain and close to our best player every week. I think if other NRL clubs needed a fullback and had the cash to spend on Guth, we would have a tussle on our hands. It's just fortuitous the Dogs don't have cap space, Manly don't have room or the position of fullback available and the Cowboys seem to have already done a handshake deal with Holmes. 

    I suspect he will wait to confirm what Manly can offer before signing with Parra.

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