Concerns from League Life with Gutho

1. Gutho's strong endorsement of Moses as the Leader. When does king endorse a different one?

2. Gutho's need for a further week to decide his future, why cant this be done now?


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  • He Started to sweat a lot when asked about manly

  • He also Basically said, he is waiting for Manlys offer to arrive and his Agent will let him know when its in.

    He was a lot more forthright in this interview on League Life then his earlier one,  today with Danny Weidler.


    Go Parra

  • I doubt it. Why do you think they announced Arthur ahead of schedule. It was to retain Gutherson. 

    • so a player who has acheived basically nothing so far gets to decide the coach?


      Zero Origins

      Zero Tests

      Zero Finals games

      Zero Finals wins

      Zero Premierships

      1 wooden spoon


      • lol 

        This is Parramatta.

      • How did Gutho influence the signing of the coach?  The two are close yes but it was the clubs call to extend BA's contract, and they have said even at the begining of the year they saw him as being the coach going forward, he was always going to be there and the Gutho circus was a ploy by his agent and the media to try and make news and attack the eels overall just as they constantly want to do, and its not going to stop.

        How many other teams have premiership winning coaches? Maguire was one and now coaching at Wests, look at the other high profile story coaches in switches, a winning coach now at the horses and where are they?

        There's also a lot of other players at other clubs that have won premierships that have nothing to show for it as well.


  • Get ready for the love story that Brads a hero for sitting him down for a man to man and he decided to stay.

    • Get the vomit bucket ready

      • or at least alcohol

    • hey snake old buddy old pal this club is disgusting burt and ernie got held to ransom by guth to keep ba for him to sign but i know by just mckendry once a knee always a knee so wont be long before he snaps its again then what the dopes will have to pay poor old guth out i cannot wait for parra to fail now to get this piece of shit ba out of here once and for all

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