• Oh how I wish we just enquire about him. Effort player.

      1. We should  be making some  serious moves to get him. He is everything we need and lack. Back up quality hooker Outstanding back three starter or off bench player. Goes and never gives up. Hard and aggressive.  Buy buy buy.
      • I think you missed the point, he wants starting hooker.

      • Chuck Norris: You make far too much good sense here!! The Eels establishment will pull their skirts above their heads and run away screaming. Our forwards need this type of improvement badly. We could play him at lock and move Brown to second row. I rate him better than Brown, keeping Reed at rake. We better move quickly before Easts find they have salary space they never knew of!!! Souths, of course, will find that Smith wants to play under master coach Bennett!! Souths will dice someone to accommodate Smith etc etc.

        • Robert Lloyd, you make no sense. Smith wants to be a starting hooker, he definitely won't go to Souths, they have Cook. He won't come to Parramatta to play lock. Definitely won't go to Roosters, they have Friend, Verrills and Lussick. Won't go to Tigers, they have Maguire. He WILL be going to the Titans.

          • DR Wong : On the surface, you make good points. But the dust has not even begun to settle on this matter yet. There will be many storms---no pun intended--before this matter is resolved. I make excellent sense when I say our forwards need the injection of a Smith type player. In fact, our forwards need several such injections. If you have followed the history of Easts they have not hesitated to get who they consider they need. Dr Nick and his golf games come to mind. Friend is in decline, Verrills is not over an ACL yet and Lussick does not rate compared to those two. Brandon Smith is looking better by the moment!!

            This is Bennetts last year at Souths. He does not want to go down as a flop as an NRL coach in Sydney. He would not hesitate to move  Cook on and get Smith and I feel that the Gladiator would support him on this. Bennett has made some negative comments bout Cooks's defense in the past.

          • You do know the titan were the only team he wasn't shopped to?

            • Hmmmmm, maybe they're getting another Storm hooker whose got a bit of speculation around his future at the moment . . . . . . . 

              • He has apparently bought a house at the Coast and moved in......

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