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Brad Arthur's notes found and revealed.

Apparently at halftime B.A was in such a hurry to hang a piss from all the water he drank that he forgot his notebook behind.
This is an extract from when we were losing. The bloke is a bloody genuis. Don't know what everyone is complaining about. 3165745749?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • This blog is as good as your last one.

    • Thanks!

  • What a sad bitter life u must have to not be able to enjoy a win by the team you supposedly ‘support’. Love your other post too ragging on your team before they turned it around. You must be so disappointed they won and now u have to resort to the safety of ragging on the coach to try and find approval from all the other supposed ‘fans’ on this site. Maybe if we r lucky someone will rally around u and post yet another hilarious screen shot of a book titled ‘bush coach’  oh The originality of our ‘fans’


    Personally I did not think we would win last night but am so happy we won and thought the team showed great resilience and courage and congratulate the team and coach on their efforts. 

    • Na, I'm super happy we won and I admitted I have egg on my face from previous post. I own that. 

      If you read my comments through out the years I've always supported B.A. Just trying to lighten the mood and have a bit of fun. Relax. 

  • ba sponsored by mount Franklin? 

    • no doubt. 

  • Israel Folau has some competition for goose of the year!

  • ha ha great blog. we were the same, we left early for our night. bad mood at dinner until we checked the score with 10 to go. 

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This reply was deleted.

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