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Bankwest Stadium Fights!

Listening to "Inside the NRL" it appears there are numerous NRL teams who want to use Bankwest Stadium next year as regular home game fixtures. The Roosters have already looked into contract terms, Canterbury, West Tigers, South Sdney and possibly Penrith! On top of that there is the Western Sydney Wanderers and of course the Parramatta Eels who are supposed to the main beneficiaries of the new stadium. So before even 1 game has begun the new $300 Million stadium has got some teams hot under the collar claiming it as their own! Possible talk of making the seat colours red & black to accomodate the Western Sydney Wanderers.

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    • With the news this morning regarding the clubs losses being reduced again, the more that use the new stadium means that there's a very good chance that the leagues club will get much more revenue as a result of increased thoroughfare and patronage.

      • Colin all of the corporate boxes have been sold for the rest of the season. That will be a big boost for revenue.

        Just need some more sponsorship from a better season in 2019 and they will be in a great position hopefully with no debt.

  • I hope heaps of NRL teams take home games there especially their home games against the Eels. We could play 15 + games at home!

    • Yep, i don't care who else plays there but the more times we play there the better.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Very good point Fong! Never thought of it like that in terms of the dollar value. I just dont like the idea of sharing my home with every Tom, Dick or Harry. The occasional Ella, Emma or Bridget is ok and therapy sounds good.

      • Monts, just put a new lock on the gate to your home and a security camera as that should help heaps.

        • Not for Ella, Emma and Bridget.

  • The more teams play that play at Bankwest the better for Parra Leagues to make money and the Eels more powerful.

    The Roosters can barely pull a crowd on their own turf. I can't see how they'll pull crowds 40 kms from their base.

    • Theyll paint the seats red, white and blue!

  • Hope the playing surface will be able to stand up to the extra use. We don't want problems like the SCG and Brookvale.

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