Are we due a flogging?

I'm a Parra fan. Sure I'm pessimistic but the first sentence is explanation enough. I've looked at the form of us (e.g. struggled with the bulldogs) and the form of them (they like to score plenty of points), I've looked at the betting odds (we often struggle as favourites), and well, frankly, I'm seeing a flogging coming our way.

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  • Not having ago at you my opinion but I think where going to win comfortably tomorrow. I think last week was the game we needed to realise we have issues that needs addressing. I think we will come out flying and play the up tempo game we all know our team can play. We will see  tomorrow though

  • Nope, think weve moved past that at this point in time.

    • I think everyone in the litter will play for the spaniels 100th

  • We're all waiting for the wheels to fall off because the wheels have fallen off so many times we're all mentally scarred. 
    Also, they're still not playing for the full 80 mins: sleeping through the opening stages against Manly and Tigers, or going to sleep early against the Raiders and Roosters. 
    I think we should beat the Sharks, but would not be surprised if we lose. What I would like is to see is the Eels show greater mental application all game, and fix up the right side defensive uncertainty. We've managed to win ugly a few times, which is a big improvement (ironically), but wouldn't it be nice to go in confident and then watch them comfortably and confidently roll the opposition: like they did the Broncos and Titans and Cowboys, and for the last 60 mins of the Tigers game. It's that "perform like you should" that's still not certain. 

    • I havent been confident since 2005 QF vs Cowboys.


      • Then there was the Cowboys scoring 30 points in the final 20 mins to beat Eels 36-30 in 2015 ...

        And there was an 80's or maybe early 90's game where Easts scored 30 or something in the second half to overhaul the Eels. 

        That kinda shit sticks in the memory!

      • I haven't been confident since the 69th minute of the  eels v dogs semi final in 1998. 

        • I haven’t been confident since they started making diff sized condoms 

          sorry did I just say that ?

          • I only became confident with condoms when Ansel brought out their super size with extra girth condoms back in 1993. 

            • Yes it was Russian roulette prior Frankie !!

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