Are our Eels relentless enough to win it. l.

  1.  In my years of watching footy the relentless teams with defensive intensity ,the continual roll of a wave in attack for the full 80 minutes are generally the overall winners of competitions. Week in week out it has to be produced. The grunt work  is necessary  to unleash the stars.  In your face defence for 80, zip and run from dummy half. Everybody backing up a half break. Our great Eels sides had it,  the Storm and Roosters have shown it the last 20 years . We have the players ,we have the coaching staff , do we have the desire to get it done.   

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              • I can't stop now.....thanks heaps Wiz.

                Raygun Clamshell-Jellyjard. Like a clam he is hard as shit and and you know what you are gonna get. and the jelly cause.....sweet. Raygun fucking blasts 'em, but when you add Clamshells to something with some great some

                Junior Paello. The best street food. Heaps of awesome prawns and veges. A great mix, and ther is always plenty of it. When you are starving it gets it done. Heaps of Sauce that makes plain white rice taste great.

                and.....Reed Mehboney. There is not much of him and he has chosen to be fucking Dogfood



                • Soooo it's........The Plattermatter Eels

                  \Capt. Clint Crabstickerson

                  Fisch Moses

                  Prawnthen Brown (Nathen Praown?)

                  Waqyu Steak

                  Ryan Platterson (Fryan Platterson)

                  Raygun Clamshell-Jellyard

                  Junior Paello

                  and fucking Reed Mehboney (Feed Muttboney?)

                  oh....nearly forgot...Shaun Plain........(is whitebread, standard fare)

                  • Coached by...Bread Arthur....some say plainbread. Some say sugarloaf. Some even say it's stale..... or mouldy. But it is good Bread, it holds a meal together...but it has to get fresh.

                    Bench..... Pay Stoned ( if you think he is worth what dohfins paid for this meal, you're  fucking Stoned)

                    .........i think I'm done now .......

                    • ......Not done apparently 

                      Bench......Woremu Egg..... fucking big,  raw snd can be hard to get down. May end up with that egg on his face if ye doesn't get in a salad

                    • Glaze Dunster will be sure to add a bit of flavour. 

      • Deserves a Pulitzer Prize that analogy ... way too much seafood extender running around to win a premiership. We need some top shelf, class players.. how you attract them when you're not Nick Politis is the challenge. 

        • Actually that was very entertaining from the "fizn'n chips" boys but it demonstrates what we always knew about how clever our 'posted contributor's' are.....essentially much happier taking the piss than plying the praise.

          This season shapes upon analysis that every team could be critiqued from the menu in the same way.

          All the analysis and critism always on ourselves, analysing the opposition and there coaches could come up with nothing that should be detrimental to our confidence going into this year. 

          Last years grandfinalists are definitely weaker than last year....Storm will be a  combination of stew with a  french cuisine name and Roosters will be full of herbs and spices but we find it difficult having it in successive weeks.

          The rest are ho hum! 

          I 'll have the 'fishermans basket' please waiter with no chicken salt on the chips. 

          NB Any left overs please send it to the resident 'disenchanted group' unfortunately they have never really gone hungary....but one day they will have a full meal and probably have trouble keeping it down when they realise what they have "eaten".

          • The thing is Poppa that losing players from a team that's been performing at the top level doesn't always weaken the team.  The young blokes coming through have been doing their apprenticeship under the best players in the comp. they learn " the little things " that make these teams the quality they are .  Look at Melbourne or even Brisbane in their day.  

            Then in comparison, you have us , who the young players coming through are learning their trade off guys who are still learning their trade. Penrith went through a stage whereas they recruited , recruited and recruited. And that's why the guys you see today are doing what they're doing. We simply don't,  RCG is a fine example of what you get when you recruit , his value in showing young guys how it's done is just as valuable as his input from a player perspective.   

            Cleary had Soward , Wallace and Malloney to teach him , 3 very experienced halves. It shows now.  Penrith won't lose much by losing a couple of players. 

            • Wiz, that's pretty pathetic....on that basis nobody would be able to come from the back. One of the main points I have tried to make in my optimism for this year is the experience we have learnt from the past 3 years......we have not actually been "all quiet on the Western Front" either.

              The young spine that has gone well (with the probable worst performance being last year) has learnt a tremendous amount.  I have great "hope" for Moses and yes Gutherson being much wiser for what they now know! Mahoney on face value just has to keep going and Dylan will only get better.

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