Are our Eels relentless enough to win it. l.

  1.  In my years of watching footy the relentless teams with defensive intensity ,the continual roll of a wave in attack for the full 80 minutes are generally the overall winners of competitions. Week in week out it has to be produced. The grunt work  is necessary  to unleash the stars.  In your face defence for 80, zip and run from dummy half. Everybody backing up a half break. Our great Eels sides had it,  the Storm and Roosters have shown it the last 20 years . We have the players ,we have the coaching staff , do we have the desire to get it done.   

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  • I'm thinking if you are asking the question you have doubts, I certainly do. We haven't shown any where near enough resolve to take the title. I don't think with Gutherson and Moses in charge we ever will.  

  • What's changed over the last how many years in terms of the way the games changed? Not much apart from coaches trying to be Infront of the game with a variety of shitty tactics - defense wins premierships and not for a couple weeks or at the back end of a season it has to be consistent. Yes we had some joy and put in v the Panthers but the truth is we did got flogged by some heavy weights  which is on BA. This team needs on field leadership and a ruthless defensive mindset untill we see this on a regularly basis this season we will fall short.

  • Seth, Excellent blog, mate. And it goes to the heart of a problem we've had for yonks.

    A lack of mental fortitude, consistently, especially when a blow torch is on us. We're off and on, and sometimes lack killer instinct.

    We did show some steel in the finals, despite bowing out again. Maybe that's something we can build on. As well as the experience of playing in consecutive finals.

    I'd like to hope this new psychologist we have on board (who possibly helped with the finals' improvement), Mary & Ennis may lead to knew ideas and some improvement. Dunno yet. 

    We have talent, but do we have enough hard heads, inspiring on-field leadership, cohesion, and enough belief?

    Also, I'm questioning the fact so many are leaving, as well. Gone for more money (some for supporting their families or whatever). Wondering whether we have a team fully committed to the jersey and passionate enough to get us there. But, then the Panthers did it last year despite so many leaving, so perhaps it won't be an issue?

  • I think you are right Seth in what you say.

    I think this team this year with last years experience behind them can win the competition.

    I see no reason why we cannot win.... it seems many reasons can be seen why we cannot win by others.

    Whats new, I know who I follow and I can whinge with the best of them, but I am excited and looking forward to to this year. Disappointing that two of our best players who will play a significant role if we do win are singled out as the weakness. Are you really a supporter Adam or just along for the ride!

    • What does anything about me have to do with the topic at hand?

      • Have a look what you wrote about Moses and Gutherson..... by your own admission you don't follow the game or team very closely. You certainly have a lot to say for being nothing but a fairwether supporter.

        • But he's not wrong.  With those two leading the team it's blatantly obvious they don't have what it takes to lift us to the level needed at the business end of the season.  

          Take the Penrith game for instance. Neither of them had the on feild smarts or presence to step in and get Stones head right.  Neither of them are leaders of men right now , both of them are flat out managing their own games . Moses may well become one , but he won't be able to mature into the best one he can be whilst that other dopes calling the shots.  So ,no , as long as Gutherson AND Moses are in charge he's 100% correct . I actually think Moses has the potential to be a leader , but he needs firstly to play alongside someone like a Hodgson and soak up some gamesmanship and refereeing manipulating experience to keep his emotions at bay , and secondly , put him in a position he's not being 1 upped by a bloke he is far superior talent wise than.   

          • Wiz, your analysis of Moses and Gutherson is no doubt honest and therefore you believe it. I think that is fine in itself. Unfortunately you have taken it to a point of obsession and therefore lack objectivity past your initial qualification. You have no real idea what the leadership inside the club is, with all the Polynesians I suspect it is a potential melting pot and I further understand that there is Polynesian leaders within the side, internally and externally.

            That leadership seems to aknowledge pretty well Moses and Gutherson. I think the cultural barriers as leaders in that respect seem's addressed pretty well. You say a hard head like Hodgson would change the learning provisions of the leadership. Without knowing it could do the exact opposite. The turmoil within Raiders reflects some degree of non-leadership from whereever? I don't know and I presume you don't either. 

            Penrith's leadership was built on those kids growing together, natural leaders like Tamou didn't stay or Maloney for that matter not forgetting the influence that Maloney did have, but as an individual how long would you want him for?

            Souths leadership was welded by the indigenous aspects and Bennet's glue, you have allready addressed the potential there. Roosters are going through a metamorphisis and will be interesting how much Tedesco continues, they were in crisis last year through injuries, who's to say that will not continue.

            Yes you can make excuses for all these things but seemingly not the team you follow.

            Times they are a changing, lets see if we can all change together.

            • Oh , so you think the answer is to have a leader from all parts of the globe to lead their guys and then throw it all into one big mix ? Lol ok Poppa .  Maybe a HR representative should be on the paddock too.  You have one leader on the paddock amd that's it. You can have your Arab , a Indian, Polly, English , KKK , Nazi , leaders at training if you think that the non whatever lads are wanting to have their little gangs , but on the paddock there's one captain and one captain only. That captain needs to be respected by all .   If your captain hasn't earnt respect then guys are only pretending to give a shit what he says and will be forming little groups behind the scenes bitching and moaning about his calls .  It's human nature . Moses does not respect Gutherson. 

              Until now I didn't realise you'd never played the game. Sorry. And no , it's not a " hard head " Moses can learn from , it's an " old experienced head " hes played a shitload of internationals, played in a GF , and grew up poor as fuck and made it to the big time on the other side of the globe . If you can't see Moses could learn some craft off this guy then you just keep pushing that members of parliament type leadership set up you think works.

              shock horror , a Ricky Stuart team has friction due to leadership .... 

              • Wiz, you're bringing up an issue I've also been wondering about: On-field leadership & direction, lifting a team when they are down and out, and seeking to get the best ideas from the team are critical aspect of success IMO. 

                I wonder whether we're getting the best out of everyone? Does Arthur do that, too? Do Moses & Gutho? There are arguments either way.

                But, back on Gutho and Moses. Our two captains. Senior players. Team managers. Who are just as important as Arthur. Arthur has noted he leaves it to them to deliver the game plans. Not DB or Reed (wonder if this was an aspect why he left, to be more in control of the steering wheel).

                Though both are talents, but Moses can get bitchy and emotional & Gutho sometimes acts the peacock and at times somewhat catty. The way Gutho (and his manager) dealt with negotiations was on the nose for me. Not what a strong club leader should be doing. That's just me.

                Moses seems to have matured and is still maturity in all facets of his game. So, there is hope. He's also one of our quickest off the mark, and rare x-factor when on song - so we need more from him, unfortunately, than game management. Same is the case with Gutho who instigates a lot of our attack and saves tries, and won games for us through that. Defensively, they're both critical. Moses is often seen terrier like (Cronk like) following the ball in cover trying to stop tries being scored as well. A lot weighs on their shoulders.

                The bottom line is as much as we bear a lot of responsibility on Arthur and his lack of cutting edge, tactical nuances and boring pressors and he does have limitations imo - it's also on our on-field leaders and team to bear responsibility. And also finding ways to get the best out of everyone under pressure. 

                When the chips are down it's the on-field leaders and also the collective heads that need to get together - to find a way, a will to win. Not just perform bravely and show potential. That's something we need to work on. Getting the best out of all our collective footy nous and team character.


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