Any news on Doorey

Along with Hopgood he's been one of our bettter performers over the first three rounds. He appeared to come off the field with an injury the other night. Any news?

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  • He dislocated his knee and it popped back in during a hit up. 

    • Kneecap? 

      • That's good news for him then

  • Yes knee cap sorry. 

    • Normally that's a few weeks. The ligaments have stretched and would be painful. 

      • There was a clip of it on Twitter it showed it popping out then going back in. Any news on Sean Russel? Absolutely no news either way on him from the club. 

        • Russell is 1-2 weeks. 
          Doorey is 1-2 weeks. 
          Great news for both. 

          • Thank you. 

          • 2 weeks for Russell is that right? 

            • Yep this is what I was told. 

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