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Animal Rights Activists Protest Meat Processing Plants in Melbourne

What do you think of Animal Rights activists. Are they trying to do a bit of good for the world or are they delusional unemployed bums that most probably have BO and have no concern for the hundreds of people that are employed at the places the protest. Geez they give me the shits. https://youtu.be/hzDmJdZcsxU

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They grow meat on plants now?

Interesting video clip! I wasn’t actually aware there were any ‘animal protesters’ at the meatworks these days. I understand where they’re coming from as I love all animals and I’m against cruelty. However, humans need food and I don’t think it’s being cruel and people need jobs. I think they’re going about things the wrong way. Some countries put animals to death in a far greater inhumane way than Australia does. 

Pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens have no other purpose then to supply consumables for human consumption other than for transport or sport. They have been bred for centuries for this purpose. You let any one of these animals out in the environment uncontrolled and they threaten the existence of everything else. People who think that these animals have rights are deluded. If they didn’t serve a human purpose they wouldn’t exist.

haha Horo I was at the beach yesterday and overheard some sharks say much the same about people

Did they happen to be ‘loan Sharks’ Tad?

very clever Monto

I’m surprise the lifeguards didn’t escort you off the sand Tad.

Sorry Tad but could you imagine the world population as well of the environmental impacts if Pigs, cattle and sheep where not used for human consumption. 

All 3 have a world population of over a billion.

Would there not be more damage done to the environment if the animal rights mob got there way and we no longer ate them?

I eat a fair bit of meat Browny   I Just like looking at things from a different perspective to create some debate rather than one way traffic.I think we all need to be tolerant on other people views on many issues.People would have nothing to talk about it they agreed on everything.Imagine Christmas eating roast Turkey and having nothing to talk about

That's strange Tad, my comment and posting figure was there open for debate by asking questions?

I was expecting some debate back.

i had even lined up my next comment in anticipation of what I thought was the reply.

Browny the more of everything the more population until it all crashes very nastily. If you believe nature has a soul you will believe Nature is having its say with Climate Change and human survival resource issues.

You do realise that all three of those have a population of over a billion because HUMANS breed them beyond what nature intends? After all they have to account for the large demand we have for meat.

just compare the number of feral pigs to pigs within the agricultural/pet industry.  So No, there would be far less damage on the environment if we stopped breeding at the numbers we are currently breeding at.


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