Adam Reynolds at Halfback?

Seeing the article in the DT today, it's Interesting that the Bunnies have given him such a poor contract extension...
While I'll admit he's not outstanding, you can't deny he has been a pretty important and reliable feature in their success in the last couple of years. I think he deserves a bit more respect than what the Bunnies are showing here and we could potentially benefit from it. Yes injury is somewhat of a concern, but looking at the stats, it's nothing too different than what most players deal with year to year.

How could it work?

  • Adam Reynolds at Halfback
  • Moses to 5/8
  • Dylan Brown to left centre

Dylan Brown is definitely our long-term 5/8 option (potential captain too), but I think this just stabilises the team a little better across the park and fixes our centre issues. Thoughts?

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    • 1. Rubbish, what a stupid satement to make

      2. Maybe, maybe not

      3. And how have the Tigers gone with Brooks there? He'd be sick of finals footy by now wouldn't he? How many other superstars have the Tigers released - Tedesco, Ado-Carr, Koroibete, Marty Taupu - just to name a few. Once again, ridiculous statement, the Tigers retention has been terrible

      4. More rubbish

      If you are going to post something, at least make it worthwhile and not this kind of shit you are known for.

      • Tedesco, Ado-Carr, Koroibete, Marty Taupu -all left the club to win a GF.

        They k ow it wasn't going to happen at the tigers

    • If you are using the Tigers as a measuring stick then forget about seeing your team in a GF any time soon...

      • GF  or just finals ?

        • Yawn......


          • Cut and paste....very original. 

        • Brissy, soon as that vertical dipshit posted his normal crap, I bet myself that Greg's would agree with him, its called "Idiocracy"

          • Shorter odds than Winx!!!

            • Numerous people have apologised for your son, if in fact it's correct, remember we have no way of knowing if you're full of shit or not. But you don't have to bring this up EVERY blog. And you don't have to post the complete shit that you should know is going to antagonise people. If you can't handle that then just don't post.

            • You're an idiot vertical dipshit. Like I said before, don't get your ambitions mixed up with your capabilities.

This reply was deleted.

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