A Stag of a Rumour


There are whispers coming out of Parra that they are also interested in the services for Kotoni stagg!

This does make sense and does depend on the outcome of the Michael Jennings situation to have the cash available


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  • he should be at a NSW club

  • Would that be for this season or next?

    According to Zero Tackle he has this season left on his contract with an extra year in his favour if he wants it.

  • I'm hoping that this is true.

    I like Staggs ;)

  • Just about every club is interested in stagg, it is for the 2022 season and beyond.  The dogs are reportedly going hard for stagg (he,he).

  • It's only a rumour of a rumour 

    • That makes me wonder HKF and someone may be able to help me here.

      Did Ian Roberts and John Hopoate ever play in the same side?

      • Blahahaha

  • Staggs and Opacic - Back to the Future?

    Is this a rehash of the original rumour, or a brand new rumour based on the old rumour?

  • he is very handy on his feet, and with hers lmao

  • This rumour has been doing the rounds for months. 

    From memory he is set to miss most of this season so hopefully he is right to go for 2022.

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