A Night At The Footy

Like alot of you I was at Bankwest last night and had a fantastic evening watching the team tear The Tigers a new one. There's nothing like heading out on a cold winter's night and watching a victory along with thousands of other Parramatta faithfull.

Last night was a bit different than normal for me and I just wanted to share it with the Parra fanatics on here;

I have relatives in town this week including a young couple with a almost 2 year old son (his name's Arthur - no, he's not named after our coach) These rels aren't Parra supporters but they love footy and wanted to experience Bankwest. We went together but I sat in my usual season ticket seat while they sat at the Parra Leagues end of the ground in section 124 about 20 rows back from the fence. I agreed to meet up with them after the game just behind where they were sitting.

Before kick off the ground announcer started with an announcement regarding the passing of a former director (name escapes me) then went on to announce the passing of our own Sir Col. He spoke of Col's life and his love for the club. He also announced that the team would be wearing black arm bands in honour of the two men. It was a great tribute and I felt honoured being one of the relatively few people in the crowd who actually "knew" Col. For me, this was my moment where I silently bid Col farewell. 

Fast forward to full time. I headed down to section 124 to wait for my relatives including young 2 year old Arthur. They finally appeared and the first thing I spotted was Arthur, being carried by his dad, holding a full size Parramatta steeden footy, both arms wrapped around it and squeezing it tight. Turns out after the game players were kicking balls into the crowd, our towering forward Shaun Lane booted one straight toward Arthur and his dad plucked it out of the air.

Arthur held that footy all the way home including falling asleep in the car with it in his arms. When he woke up this morning he went straight for it again. That's when his dad (a Saints supporter) quipped " ah well, looks like he's gonna be an Eels supporter"

That's when it hit me: Last night I bid a great Eels supporter farewell and shortly after maybe, just maybe, I welcomed a brand new one into the fold.


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  • Great story Kramer, I missed the col tribute as I was lined up for beer. Well done to those that arranged it. On Saturday while visiting my daughter my 9month old grandson was obsessed with the eels emblem on my jumper, he will be one of us, he has no choice ; )

    • Lol- mate, he just couldn't stop staring at that huge blue & gold footy - it was nearly as big as him.

      • Great stuff Kram.  Eels players for years have done similar things that make kids eye's light up and they become eels supporters later.

        My wife's sister had an adopted son, who was a rabbit's supporter & when he was around 6 IIRC, he asked me if it was possible to get autographs from eels players, & as I used to go to the training sessions to watch at Cumberland & have a beer with the players up at the Royal oak, I asked a couple of them about it, and they said will have it ready for the following week.

        The following week, I met them again at the same spot, and the autographed paper became a full sized Steedan football, they would take nothing for it.  I was to find out that his older brother took the ball from him and laid claim to it, something I never found out about until after his funeral, The young adopted boy, was also at the funeral and told me about him losing the ball to his brother, One could still see and feel his hurt over it.  Had I known I would have guaranteed that the eels would have replaced it.

        In joy there comes sorrow and memories reflect that way, I hope that the young fella holds tight with the ball as it will be a lasting item for him.

  • Awesome stuff Kram, great night for young Arthur, maybe he will become an eels fan?

    Hope you didnt run into grunts with his Makita in the toilets.

    Its a fantastic stadium, i took a mate to the roosters game, he loved it and was super impressed with the stadium.

    We are so lucky to have it.

    • Hahaha! - Nah I didn't see him - I did curse him at half time though, I slipped on some sawdust in a cubicle where a fresh hold had obviously just been bored.

  • Great post Kram, great touch by the club to honour Sir Col. 
    Here's hoping young Arthur is now a convert.

  • Very heartwarming story Kmam bless you champ.

    • Cheers Frankie.

      Wre you there last night? The tribute was great - I think Super and maybe Phil were involved - MASSIVE kudos to whoever was behind it.

  • Love your passion and your continued support for the Mighty Parramatta Eels and also for sharing your very special private thoughts with so many other amazing Eels 👍😀🏉

    • Cheers mate - Parra Forever!!

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