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A message From The Eels Chairman - Max Donnelly, announced that all his proposed governance reforms have now been successfully passed following the support of over 90 per cent of PLC voters.

A message from the Eels Chairman

Mon 9 Dec 2019, 06:02 PM

Dear Members and Supporters,

Yesterday the Administrator of the Parramatta Leagues Club (PLC) Max Donnelly, announced that all his proposed governance reforms have

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Russell Crowe Must Have A Rich Vein Of Blackmail Material Over Greenturd And Co - The $1 million Sam Burgess Salary Cap Exemption Has Been Approved - FMD What About Eels Exemptions Since 2010?

Sam's retirement, Walker contract stand-off opens door for Souths to chase Latrell

Michael Chammas

Fri 6 Dec 2019, 06:01 PM
Michael Chammas

The $1 million Sam Burgess salary cap exemption has opened the door for South Sydney to launch the club's biggest recruitment ra

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Dylan Brown Tickled Pink To Remain In Blue & Gold - Brown Humbled By Support After Re-Signing With Eels

Life has changed dramatically in the past 12 m

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Daniel Alvaro Metric. Alvaro Has Three Of The Top Four Seasons For Involvement Rate (2017, 2018 And 2016 respectively), With Two Of Them Above 25%.

"You could really rename Involvement Rate as the Daniel Alvaro metric. The Eels forward has three of the top four seasons for involvement rate (2017, 2018 and 2016 respectively), with two of them above 25%. In plain terms, Alvaro either making a run

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Coming Out Just Before Kick Off Saw A Moment Where Dylan Brown Just Burst Into Sheer Joy As He Was Hit By The Massive Crowd Noise Wave He Was Running Into - I Knew Then We Had Already Won This Game

It was a fantastic inspiring moment for me. - If I manage to find video on what I saw indoors of Dylan coming through the paid members section that finally opens up to the whole stadium as the players run out to the field I'll put it up here. 

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Kramerica replied to Poppa's discussion EASY MONEY BUT CAVEAT EMPTOR
"LOL! Wongy's gonna be nervous if he's still alive going into leg 24 or so :))"
7 minutes ago
Kramerica replied to Poppa's discussion EASY MONEY BUT CAVEAT EMPTOR
You've killed it Pop.
Raiders by 1  :)"
11 minutes ago
Graham polkinghorne replied to ParramattaLurker's discussion Round 10 Team List v Sea Eagles
"Manly will come out and try to play tough, big Marty trying to dominate our forwards, and Des will have them playing safe in attack. They bombed a few trys and some silly offloads last week..
I still think Parra will put a few points on them. Agains…"
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MeelK replied to Poppa's discussion EASY MONEY BUT CAVEAT EMPTOR
"To go one step further with this, look for a bookie that is offering a promo for money back if you get one leg wrong on a sports multi. Then you get something back if one of the short priced favourites should lose.
And remember, gamble responsibly.…"
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