Forward passes and the refs

How many forward passes were not called that led to points scored so far? We always get pulled up on line balls and when will coach and club say something?

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  • The Eels coach is too chicken 🐔 to speak up and that's why the Eels get treated like crap from the refs. Apparently the RCG try was legit 

  • Pure eels Parra made a grand final last year off s forward pass .  

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    • Cowboys scored a try in that same game intentionally holding back a defender. Mitigates your argument mate.

      • Possibly but my point is that all these decisions even themselves out and their is no point bitching about when your team gets a bad call .

  • It’s time for the bunker to be able to rule on forward passes. Try’s scored from forward passes are unfair try’s that are called forward and are not forward are unfair. They rule on everything else why not forward passes?

    • I wonder what the ladder would look like last and this year if forward passes were accurately determined.? It is a big deal and not just a part of the game thing.

    • Last year when Parra lost to the dogs, Graham Annesley comes out and says Parras second disallowed try should have been a try. He said Reed didn’t throw a forward pass, the ref was wrong to rule it a forward pass and disallow the try.
      My question is, if the head of football can make a decision and have an opinion whether a pass is forward or not after watching the video why can’t the bunker do the same?

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