• Actually the 2nd fastest not slowest.

    I'm guessing this is a graph of the time it takes a defense to allow an opponent to play the ball after a tackle is completed, which means we suck at wrestling.

  • What signings would fix that? Hopefully parra are aware of this. 

    • Probably Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant...haha.

      Seriously's not about signing players it's about tackling and wrestling techniques which can only be fixed through training and practice. Getting back 10 is another. Alvaro is the worst at getting up after a tackle which means we're always a man short in middle defence. He defo needs to lose some weight and work on this massive defensive deficiency he has.

      The perfect tackle is being able to land the ball player on his back. You don't have to lay all over him and give away penalties. If you do this consistantly you win the ruck.

      The master is Cam Smith who usually faces the opposite direction in tackles making sure his players are back 10 and then releases the ball player. The Storm are great at this and they do tread a fine line of giving away penalties but they've pretty much perfected the art described which adds extra 10%-15% to their game.


  • Mr Analyst  I think Lurker/ Ron will be filthy you posted this before he did . 

  • ALWAYS put stats in context. No context, no meaning. 

    For instance: Panthers, Knights and Raiders are the top 3 for penalties conceded and also, according to this graph, the top 3 for slowing the ruck. In context, teams slowing the ruck get penalized. Knights and Panthers paying the price, Raiders not. Some other stat somewhere needs to be brought in to tease out why. 

    Need more stats to place the graph in context 

    • There should be a correlation between ruck speed and penalties conceeded. Still the correlation might be scewed because some teams give away more penalties for dangerous, dirty and high shots.


      • Just read this, see my answer below, our discipline to not give away penalties is what is winning game for us.

  • I'd like to see the Stats on which teams get the most penalties? I believe we may be quicker to get off in order to prevent a penalty and maintain our discipline and march them up the field. I could also be very wrong and we just suck. 

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