• It wasn't me, do we have any other know all's??

      • Has to be PT47, Pops, the Oracle of the site 

        • Well said FlipEel🐬🏈

        • Lol.....Moron of the site

          • Just ignore BrissyFlip Poppa he's that time of the month 😂

            • Hell On Eels Mate can we get rid of this lunatic. There's no need for these sort of comments not to mention his previous threat to knock Poppa out a few weeks ago that nothing was done about. I thought threats were an immediate ban?

              • Lol calm down  the  old fart can fend for himself...

              • Brissy, Where was this threat against Poppa?

                Sorry mate. Just a bit under the pump for a bit. Can you msg me, please.

              • Poppa knows I was only joking unlike some who takes things just far too seriously 😒. Lighten up princess, go have a game of Lawn Bowls 🤣 just to loosen up a bit. 

              • Golly gee BrissyFlip your really lowering your standards seeking me to be banned. That's really quite pitiful 😕. If everyone was banned for saying things in the heat of the moment then there would be nobody here except you of course as your obviously perfect.

This reply was deleted.

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