• But they'll lose against Panthers next week so what's the point 👉

        • ohhhhhhh wow as we start to make those supporters from other clubs tremble. When does the mask come off PT and you do your big reveal, coming out of the closet in what mmmmmmmmm a Canterbury jersey perhaps..or one of those little pink numbers that the Pennys put out. 🤣


          You call out out Brissy, like hes not a supporter, id rather be in the trenches fighting with him by my side then having a whining little man, with the losers attitude, spitting his dummy out beside me. hahahahahahahahaha you crack me up. Actually when i really think about  it you brighten each and every day up for me with so much laughter. Thankyou for that. 👍

          • Ok then Blue Eel to make you and BrissyFlip happy little Chappies the Eels will beat the Cowboys 68 -2 then progress onto the Grand Final and beat the Panthers or Rabbits 55 - 10 Clive Churchill medal will go to Jake. You happy now little 🦄🦄🐬🧚. If you neither can handle constructive criticism then you are following the wrong sport. Perhaps Lawn Bowls is more in League

            • its okay but thankyou for the kind gesture. I'll take the wins against the Cows and Pennys / Bunnies for sure, but its makes me happier laughing at your comments. Please keep them coming 👍

              • Well golly gee buttercup I'm happy 😊 to make you and your furry friends happy 😊

                • 10825095866?profile=RESIZE_710x



                  • Which one is you and BrissyFlip 

                  • lol, furrys are some of the biggest pedos and zoophiles and zoosadists, its a very sick culture, im not joking either.

                    Its a next step for anime Weebo's on the train ride of depravity, they go hand in hand.

                    Id go as far to say they all should be locked up and beaten.

                    • I'm starting to think Blue eel was the kid in the old Cotties cordial ads 

                    • Exactly it's extremely sickening 🤮

This reply was deleted.

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