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Parramatta can and will turn this around. They do need new personal but BA remains the man to guide and inspire them.  Hayne to ignite it, Corey Norman to step up and display his natural talent.   Stay tuned. 

As per last week.  The tide turns starting tomorrow night. 
With the current approach collapsing we saw the glimpse of what is to come in the second half.  Nice energy levels, good ball movement.  Hayne returning shortly.  Expect more of this moving forward. 

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Doctor, have you been prescribing yourself lithium and xanax again?

2 key players back next week. Norman caught with the ball too often needs to run through the line and look to offload. He is caught to often flat footed.

Moses needs to run more. Looks dangerous every time he does. Just doesn't do it often enough
Yer easy 2 points next week

"Nice energy levels, good ball movement."

Are we still talking footy, Dr Strange?

That would have to be Hayne at his best. The Hayne Plane would really need to leave the hanger. We all need a dream Doctor, It’s what keeps people going.


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