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Season just finished and I’m already counting the minutes till the new season kicks off.
Thought I’d count down each day with a word for the day.
Everyone can join in with their own till Thursday March 8th at 8pm.
For those who are interested that’s 146 days 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Anyway the word for today is...

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Was this the fore runner of the Mini skirt mate?

I am going for an easy one today


A table owned by Mrs Uns.

WTF ????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

Just realised this masterful blog of vocabulary is in TRASH blogs.

FMD - shows the real class of this site - too dumb to be educated.

Have I used IMBECILES as a WFTD yet?


A Grunta

My word for the day is 'Vagankle'

Hahahaha there’s some sick puppies out there Snake.

To quote a great Australian philosopher, " Root me boot, there's a cun* in it !!!"


Word for the day is:


It is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something.

MANDELA;  My word of the day; MANDELA.

As in the Mandela effect. Very interesting subject.

TeeHee - one immediately thinks of Nelson - now there was an effect.

Morning guys.

My word for the day is:


Supported, justified or forming the basis for.

I remember that word not a fan ...I could not sleep. We underpinned our whole house once when we got rid of a couple of piers and had the whole massive lot supported on two skinny metal poles.

"unperdinned" is a scary word :)

Franko, here is a new word for the day, MANstruating. The symptoms exhibited every few weeks by a bloke who for several days heavily evacuates bodily semi-solids and is in a bad mood for no obvious reason, although the likely cause may be IBS.


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