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I don`t do predictions because I feel that I am the only person on this planet who can`t tell the future. But I have an unusual, if obvious, point to make. I claim that the referee will win the Grand Final. Who ever he favours will win. Now Sutton, the referee, is the brother of the head honcho who select which referee gets to do the Grand Final. Sutton has shown a preference for the Storm. You will recall he caused us to lose the semi final down in Melbourne last year. He robbed the West Tigers this year by giving the Storm a penalty near full time. The NRL said that was no penalty and should not have been given. The Slater incident last week, while Sutton did call it a shoulder charge and penalised the Storm, he did not grant a penalty try ,nor did he put it on report nor, did he give Slater ten in the bin---something the NRL said should have happened. Sutton still gets the plum job of the Grand final--I wonder why? I don`t know which way the penalties will go tonight. If I watch it I will keep an eye on any perceived bias toward the Storm or Easts for that matter. The Eels are not going to win it so I could not care less who does win provided it is fairly adjudicated.

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Storm by alot

Easts unfortunately.  Rorting works

Storm i hope.

- Storm will get all the effective momentum changing penalties.
- Both will defend just as good as each other (in terms of structure), one on ones are impossible to predict though.
- Cameron Smith is playing.
- Melbourne Storm for the win.

I'm probably going for roosters though. No real reason but if I was forced to come up with some reaaons, I'd go with;
- Fergo is gonna be an eel.
- billy Slater shouldn't be playing.
- roosters have more of this years NSW players.

Plus I think it'd be funny when they randomly and with reason give Slater man of the match in a losing side.

Don't like either team but I detest the Storm more so I hope the Roosters thrash the Storm!


Although I'd probably take a Melb win if it actually meant that Grub Smith would retire.

Storm Billy Man of the match

Each year I hope the storm and rooster don't win the grand final but that can't happen today 

the storm cost parra a grandfinal win cheating on the cap, again they cheated getting billy off the shoulder charge.
i hope billy gets knocked out,,, hes a grab, please ruin hes send off ,,,,the roosters we hope..
my worse two teams ,,
Who cares who wins. How good is grand final day. Got 30 people coming over for a bbq and half cut already. Just got to stay sober enough to cook the barbie and at least see kick off.

lol quality stuff Parra Dice !

Same here - having a barbie but am already feeling the effects of beer. It's been a beautiful day in Sydney how the hell could you not enjoy cold ale on such a perfect day.

Just like you i'm hoping to get thru to cooking time without getting too cut. Think i'll change to spirits before kick off.

For the record - my beer of choice today is Montieth's Pointers Pale Ale in a 330ml bottle. Crisp and clean. Not a bad drop.

I think Storm will win but hope the roosters do.

Storm 23 rooster miss a penalty 2 minutes from time on 22
Another dream FYI


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