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What should we expect of a Ricky Stuart-led Eels?

Well, firstly obviously I'm hoping this will finally mean Hayne to six. My hope is that Stuart's experience as a half can get Hayne to make a rapid transition into the halves and I will to my dying day say that Kearney's biggest mistake was not keeping Hayne in the halves once he got him to place a few games there. I can hop back onto my unicorn on this basis alone.

The half back spot will be interesting. Can Stuart transform Sandow. Sandow may very well have the rest of this season to show Stuart he's got the potential to grow into the kind of half-back Ricky Stuart's likes running his teams. Because I think Luke Kelly is much more like a Stuart-style of half back.

I think if he reproduces his liking for a mobile forward pack that will suit us. We've never played the power game very well - and we don't seem to produce really big forwards. But I think he'll definitely want more aggression from our forwards, and that might be a challenging thing for him to try and achieve.

I actually think Stuart will be a decent fit if he has possibly learned from his past NRL coaching jobs that he probably has to tone down the intensity. I've always admired his willingness to innovate and try and take the game in new directions and I think Parramatta is a great club to do that at, because as we have shown the last couple of years we don't fit very well with the type of game played by many of the other clubs.

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 i dont give blind faith or support to anything, thats for the followers of jonestown, they are all dead, they drank the koolaide.....

i support people in the blue and gold if they play with pride n passion.....

you supported the board for a long time bongo, now you are stabbing them in the back, you call that support ?

blind faith is good for nothing, thats part of the reason our club is stuffed from the front office to the field, i rest my case

and bongo you really are sad sometimes, your always making a pedistal for yourself to stand on ''thats why i call myself a supporter'' like others are not, what a joke, did you get back to wiz where he showed you up for supporting the board now you stabbing them in the back for your own agenda.

how bout how you youse to attack me about pirtek n say there was no conflict of interest, now youve backflipped n saying there is, just a bloody joke bongo, get down off your hero pedistal, you are not the deity of supporters, you only think you are.

how many times have i got to listen to you claim that others dont support, because they have different views or support in different ways than you ????

That has been the best point made re: Ricky , wiz, you are SO right.

Not much ! A lot more drinking and bonding. Maybe an implosion like the sharks and roosters.

Lets see what would a coach with at least half a brain do hmm.....

Hindmarsh to play 80 min

SOO front rowers to play more than 30 min

Players that have been performing to remain in 1st grade

Players that have not been performing to be dropped to Wenty

Players allowed to offload (without waiting till we're 31-40 points down)



Id be happy for Hayne to be both number 6 and captain of  the footy team.

he is easily the best player we have had at the club for many years and he needs to be given responsbility to match

1eyed you are presuming RS will come to Parra? I wish I had your optimism mate. While he has gr8 experience and did ok with origin, he'd want to improve his tactics and player side too- I did not overly rate him when coaching NRL, so let us hope he has improved, as his teams at East and Cronulla were tough teams, but lacked creativity IMO. I do think he has learnt a lot since then but origin teams are different to NRL week in week out- and Y would he come to us with a rudderless board??


A few more wins!

I think Stuart could turn out to be a great addition to parra if he does sign with us. I think the boys would turn up on game day becuase it seems to me that they are looking for a mate/mate who wants to play footy (If you know what I mean).

maybe stuart will be the bloke to take sandow to the next level, if ricky can articulate n relate to chris in the right way, we might see a new man in sandow, with a new level of confidence n a new out look on his role in the game, i can only hope this is the case.


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