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For all the remaining Unicorns on this site - this is your last opportunity to save Arthur.

Why shouldn't BA released ?

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A boot needs to stuck in your gobs and laced around your heads you pack of gimps. When is enough enough you bunch of masochists?

Well put Doc, in totality.

ME where did you get the inside info on BA refusing extra resources? This is news to me.

Well said Doc. He needs to see out his contract with the appropriate resources

If you don't want to believe what some of the informed posters on here have shared (e.g. Fong, Muttman, etc), then go back and see the direct quote from our CEO where he states that BA has everything that he has requested.

It's just more excuses Monsieur, it's just the Unicorns hanging onto all they have left.

Blind Freddy could see after round 4 the coach was done, clueless had no idea why were losing and no idea how to get us out of this mess.

5 years and he has won us a spoon, the excuses are just laughable and typical of Eels fans who just love wallowing in mediocrity.

Its priceless stuff, some of the funniest shit ive seen

Yeah, they need to keep going. How much abuse can this fanbase take?

Its only funny Snake, cause if we aren't laughing we'd all be crying hysterically.

He's done, finished got no idea why we are losing and has absolutely no idea how to get us out of this mess.

Anyone who thinks he should be here next year really should be visiting their local GP and giving them a referral to a quality mental facility. 

They guy lost 1/2 of his coaching team. Give him a break, every time we lose we want to move on our coach. SK going alright at the Warriors, so sacking BA will only add to our misery. Ok sacked, who comes in? Maguire? The guy that was sacked by Souths? He was sacked for a reason, yes winning premiership coach, but how good was his roster? Coaches sometimes inherit good teams, Ricky Stuart Roosters, Paul Green Cowboys, but where are they now? I believe BA has been treated very unfairly, he had his coaching team dismantle, and that in itself can take a year or two to build up again with the right people.
BA can coach, what I saw last night was some dumb plays, dumb players doing dumb things. What would you do? Replace them? With who? Bring in young players that ain't NRL ready? BA here all of next year, their a huge roster movement about to happen, let's see who he brings over. Norman has been linked to the Cows, I'm sure he will go ok up there.

don't go talking sense Tin Tin lol.... you know how it enrages the broken records of 1EE

Every coach gets sacked at some point so what do you do?

Stick with the same dead shit because you're too scared to sack a coach or heaven forbid expect results?


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